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Weldon Valves is a professional indsutrial valves manufacturer and supplier, with products of top-notch quality and resonable price. We are commited to providing unreserved services to the whole world. In addition, we are dedicated to offering customized plans and most economical products to our customers, and we have a modernized managing method to guarantee our efficiency in production and sale system. With morality as the essence and quality as the root,we are trustworthy. Besides, each of our team members is trained in the factory to have a professional knowledge of valves. We will be much appreciated if you have faith in us. For more information, please visit

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Recently, some new customers are not particularly aware of the characteristics of  cast steel gate valves . Based on recent work practices, Weldon summarized  the advantages and disadvantages of cast steel gate valves . Hope it can make more clearly through this article. Cast steel gate valve, also ...

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