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Training in the UK’s renewables sector

Around the world, the renewables sector is a growing industry — and that means it needs an increasing number of new employees to support and drive it to further success. In 2017, renewable power generation increased to 29.4% from 24.5% from the previous year, which is an indication of our growing ...

Stephen Kellie

Posted 1 year agoPress

EFFITRAILER™ pilot lights the way for Flogas

A six-month trial project has commenced to pilot the Michelin solutions EFFITRAULER™ programme. Flogas Britain plan to pilot the programme for six months to see if it can help maximise trailer safety, compliance and boost efficiency through increased trailer fleet optimisation. The programme has ...

Stephen Kellie

Posted 3 years agoPress > LNGLPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas +2
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