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Hilton Hannibal has over 35 years experience in oil and gas including LNG  sectors and divisions
Altough educated in a different sector mainly medical without any gains achieved my experience as a junior consultant for Gerson Lehrman Groups on natural resources for seven years  and Global Insight .I got involved in the oil sector when I arrived in Nigeria and Ghana from Mozambique in 1976 on the onset of its independence and civil war. As an independent political activist I was on par with  today Jacob Zuma in Maputo, today`s president of Republic of South Africa .Besides our difference at that time and today we are still  best of friends together with many of Africa leaders who were architechs and legends of  Africa .It was a time when the freedom movements  of Africa was in its  prime state of time .Leaders then with no record of fame have now acheived a position of  president, prime  minister,and even ministers  in their respectable governments .It was a time of the cold war ,either Washington or Moscow ...~ but  I also came across British,French,Swedish ,Canadian ,Chinese and even North Korea inteligence services though be cloaked in diplomatique intrique.
Leaders like General Oluṣẹgun  Ọbasanjọ military leader of Nigeria 1978 -1979, Flt lieutenant Colonel Jerry Rawlings military leader of the Republic of Ghana(good friend), Captain  Kojo Tsikata,Tsatsu Tsikata  and the Tsikata brothers who in the the 1970`s played and had a big influence in my life and motivation of the oil and gas industry.Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari ,Nigeria civilian president in 1979,Hilla Limann civilian president of Ghana,Southern Sudan leader John Garang,  Democratic Republic of the Congo(Zaire) leader Laurent Desire Kabila ,Rwanda leader Paul Kagami and last  Robert Mugabe ,president of Zimbawe.What we had in common we were young ,ambitious and brain strucking of teething ideas, poundering foreign ideologies and the influence of persuasion of a given idealogy depending which foreign powers had money of influence.We were active in the 1970`s and forces like coloniasm,apartheid  or neo capitilism was the trend for most political movements lo....be it.... that  it differed from  Nkrumah ,Kenyatta and Sekou Toure  1950/60`s notions of independence.Most of  Africa`s,Latin America and Asia liberation movements  have assumed or about to assume  the chair of president,prime minister or even emperor..To analyze the fundamentals of these leaders takes a pounding of what was on our minds and what was the agenda or revision of past treaties and contracts .The theme was raw materials,(gold,diamonds,aluminium,zinc and crude oil ).Most of the above dignitories including dozens more leaders came to the conclussion that contracts and treaties was a hallmark of the colonial times.It`s on this essence that a revision of antique documents and what benefits it will bring these commodities  orientated  countries.Hypothetically it will be industrial and economic growth of course there no lieu of Latin America,Indochina ,Asia Minor and Middle East,Everybody came to the conclussion that the colonial past  treaties and contracts were the biggest drawbacks beit that after 30 years these contracts and treaties forms the basis of doing  business in the contempory world,  adapting  to 2016 ,forms a norm of memorandum of association  and understand the intricacies of dark financial coffers of  75% of worlds  nations.

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