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Ruslan Baysarov is a Russian entrepreneur known for his contributions to the Russian oil industry. Baisarov is the owner and general director of Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation. He is also the controlling shareholder of SK MOST, one of the top construction companies in Russia, serving as chairman of its board of directors. He was listed as one of Russia’s 200 wealthiest entrepreneurs in 2018 by Forbes Magazine. 

After completing his military service, which interrupted his studies, Baisarov graduated from the Millionshchikov State Oil Technical University. He then received a master’s degree in sociology from Moscow State University and was granted a Candidate of Technical Sciences degree in 2018.

Business Ventures
Baysarov did not wait to finish his studies before starting his first entrepreneurial project of selling computers. He then entered the entertainment industry where he began to acquire assets and to form connections with high-placed business people with whom he continues to collaborate in a variety of ventures. 

Towards the end of the 1990s, Baisarov took a different direction. He entered the oil refinement industry and joined the Russian Fuel Union's board of directors. After becoming acquainted with Moscow Oil and Gas Company President Shalva Chigirinsky, he was appointed the company's vice president. 

Major Achievements
Throughout his career, Baisarov has had quite a few great achievements. His processing companies became responsible for servicing the Moscow Oil and Gas Company gas stations across Russia as well as several state-owned and public sector entities. Baysarov was also highly successful in promoting a pioneering electronic fuel-consumption calculator. 

Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation
As Baisarov assumed responsibility for running Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation in 2011, he began to focus his energy on the Elegest coal mine. Elegest is located in the Ulug-Khem coal basin, which is known for its top-quality coking coal deposits. In an era where coal deposits are being rapidly depleted throughout Russia, the development of this project is imperative to the Russian people. 

After carefully taking various considerations into account, such as coal quality and infrastructure concerns in the region, Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation took a multimodal approach to developing the mine. This includes three facilities to be constructed that will serve as a hub for extracting and transporting the coal. The first facility is the Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railway where a state-of-the-art mining and processing facility will also be constructed. In addition, a special coal terminal at a port in Khabarovsk Krai will further improve infrastructure. Once the project is completed, coal will be processed and transported by rail to all the main Eastern Siberian routes, from which it will be moved to ports and shipped across the globe. 

The project is expected to achieve:

• An annual capacity of 15 million tons of coal
• Thousands of new jobs
• A promising export value which will help Russia to secure a space in the global coal market
• An economic and geopolitical boost

Baisarov also anticipates an increase of over 10% in Eastern Siberian coal mining.

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