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Paul Orlowski is the General Manager of Refining Community.  He organizes conferences, training and shows around the world for Delayed Coker, FCC & Sulfur process units and I&E (Instrumentation & Electrical). The first USA conference was in 2001, and 2007 in Canada. In 2008 we brought the community to Galveston, Calgary and Cologne; Rio - 2009, 2014; 2010 added CatCracking Conferences; 2011 - Duesseldorf; 2012 - Fort McMurray Canada; 2013 New Delhi & 2016 Mumbai, India; 2015 Bahrain in the Middle East; 2017 - Budapest.

The company recently launched to offer news, commentary and actionable refinery information.

Refining Community brings refiners and suppliers together to build communities of mutual interest. They also offer site safety audits at refineries and consult on procedures, drawings, startup commissioning, safety training, preventative maintenance and unit operating training.

Presentations and discussions at RefComm® Galveston 2017 and RefComm® Budapest 2017 will cover IIoT applications and case studies as they apply to Delayed Coking (DCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCCU), Sulfur Recovery (SRU) and Instrumentation & Electrical groups.

Paul Orlowski is an educator and former Software Applications Engineer at ARCO and BP refineries. In 1998 he co-founder Inc which has expanded into Refining Community.

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Paul Orlowski - Refining Community

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