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Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel is Head, Commercial & Business Development Unit at Asharami Energy, the upstream arm of Sahara Group.

After graduation, Mariah joined the prestigious Graduate Management Training Program of the Sahara Group after which she was assigned to Asharami Energy.

Mariah started off in the Business development unit overseeing Government and JV relations. While the company was expanding rapidly across sub-Saharan Africa, she joined the commercial department as her capabilities in petroleum economics, asset valuation and risk management were essential for the growth trajectory of the company. She has been exposed to the various upstream opportunities and fiscal regimes across Africa and the Middle East, and the different macro-economic and policy choices faced by growing hydrocarbon provinces.

With over 10 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, she now heads the Commercial and Business Development unit where she has lead negotiations for the company’s Asset Acquisitions, Crude Handling Agreements, Sales Purchase Agreements, Unitization discussions, and Production Entitlement Reconciliations. She has an MSc in Energy Studies with specialization in Energy Economics from Dundee University, and a BSc in Economics, Finance & Management from Queen Mary, University of London.

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Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel - Asharami Energy

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