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Founder and principal research analyst at I created Infill Thinking because I couldn’t find analytical reporting that helped me do my job when I was a Wall Street analyst following O&G. There’s much being written about the same old shallow oilfield stories. But it’s almost impossible to find unbiased oilfield updates from an experienced voice in a clean format. Infill Thinking is here to provide reliable and thoughtful oilfield business analysis that really matters. No ads. No clutter. No noise.

Infill Drilling (verb): drilling new wells between old wells to lift an oilfield's production curve.

Infill Thinking (verb): closing thought gaps in traditional reporting to lift the oilfield knowledge curve.

My Background:

Extensive experience in the oil and gas industry with a work history focused in corporate finance. I have a background in institutional investing developed through positions held at a hedge fund and in the equity research groups of several investment banks.

Subject matter expertise in the oilfield service industry includes an in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape, cyclical and structural trends, corporate strategy, and business fundamentals, as well as familiarity with a broad array of drilling and drilling support technologies.

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