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Serial Energy Entreprenuer and Internet Marketer.

Founder of the UK based Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. (OOTBI). Jason helps Oil & Gas and Solar Companies with their online presence. This is achieved through marketing strategy consultation, SEO, PR, copywriting, web design, email marketing and other online marketing tools.

Partner and Webmaster at drillers.com, the oldest oil and gas jobs site in the world. Also manages the technical content, blog, and social media accounts.

Partner at Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. (NatResPro) which is an energy manpower start-up. Pioneering the use of Skill Pool Managers, a Verified Candidate Database and custom search features.

Resides and travels between the UK and Manila, works remotely with team members, staff and clients spread around the globe.

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Excellence in Delivering Performance, Ops Integrity, and Safety.

Posted by Jason Lavis on behalf of: Eric Roth (Rig Integrity Global), Dave Taylor (Relentless Pursuit of Perfection) In this two part series, we are looking to dig deeper into the subjects of optimal performance and operational safety at the front line, beyond engineering aspects and processes. ...

Jason Lavis - Out of the Box Innovations Ltd.

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SMEs Navigating the Oil Market Crash

The oil industry crash that started at the end of 2014… … Doesn't seem to have finished yet as the jobs outlook around the world has yet to improve. There are a few exceptions and anomalies such as the difficulties in finding frack crews , or the resilience of some of the Middle Eastern countr ...

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How the Improvement of Operational Integrity, Safety, and Human Factors Equals Excellence in Performance

Posted by Jason Lavis on behalf of Eric Roth (Rig Integrity Global) and Phil Smith (Critical Team Performance) We hurtle towards, and will soon arrive, in a new era.  A new era increasingly run by millennials, managed by the Y generation, and looked back upon by the baby boomers. We all realize t ...

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The road back to work during tough times

Learning about recruitment trends The upstream oil and gas industry is still struggling to get back on its feet, (with a few exceptions such as the US lower 48). There are so many good people still looking for work around the world. If it's been a while, it might be that you've let some of the ...

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3 Ways That Being An Oil Worker Can Help You To Grow Stronger

Growing through our contribution to society… Striving to grow stronger in life is a noble cause. That said the desire to grow stronger in any chosen line of work or professional trade is a respected way to begin the journey. In other words, because we spend such a great portion of our lives in ...

Jason Lavis - Out of the Box Innovations Ltd.

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