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GSL Conference: Managing Risks across the Mining and Oil and Gas Lifecycle

Year of Risk events As part of the Geological Society's 'Year of Risk' we are putting on a week (8-14 July 2017) of risk related events, starting with 4 risk short courses (see below for further details), followed by 'Managing Risks Across the Mining and Oil & Gas Lifecycle' and culminating in 'Sh ...

Glen Burridge

London   England   GB 10 Jul 2017

Posted 2 years agoEvent

We share an uncertain world....

Our lives are subject to two over-riding constants: 1.      Confronting the uncertainty that Nature lays out for us in a way we can benefit from it rather than suffer from it. 2.      We are based on planet Earth. Whatever we work in, this fine balance between risk and reward upon our planet is s ...

Glen Burridge

Posted 2 years agoPress > risk management

We Need More Generalists in Upstream Oil & Gas

A couple of years into my career, I was taken aback when one of my former university professors told me he admired the generalist approach I'd taken to my career. A lot later, hearing exactly the same thing from the course director of my Masters programme consequently came as less of a shock. Thes ...

Glen Burridge

Posted 3 years agoOpinion
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