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I am a professional digital marketer and a content writer related to the steel pipe industry——Hunan Standard Steel Co., Ltd

Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd is a as the professional manufacturer of seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and pipe fittings.

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Acceptance Standards for Straight Seam Steel Pipes

The quality of steel pipes has always been a concern of customers. So, how to conduct acceptance after the steel pipes are made? 1. Acceptance 1.1 The quality inspection and acceptance of straight seam steel pipes shall be carried out by the technical quality supervision department of the supplie ...

Freya Lee - Hunan Standard Steel Co., Ltd

Posted 11 days agoPress > Straight Seam Steel PipesAcceptance Standards

The Method of Measuring the Length of Straight Seam Steel Pipe and Installation Precautions

According to the different process requirements of the manufacturer, there are many methods for the length measurement system of straight seam steel pipes , mainly the following types: 1. Length measurement with grating ruler The basic principle is to install two fixed-length grating rulers on the ...

Freya Lee - Hunan Standard Steel Co., Ltd

Posted 16 days agoPress > straight seam steel pipeInstallation PrecautionsMethod of Measuring
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