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Danabek Zhanayev is the CEO and Founder of WMG, a highly-specialised recruitment and staffing agency for projects in the oil and gas, construction and infrastructure sectors.

Since 2011, WMG has met the expert staffing needs of several major development projects and is now one of the fastest growing companies in Kazakhstan.

WMG has experience providing a full-service staffing, amenities and facilitation offering for projects of various complexity at a local and international level: from resolving specialist single hires to fulfilling extensive contracts requiring numerous roles to be filled for large enterprises.

Danabek is committed to developing local content capacity and championing domestic skills, education and expertise across Kazakhstan, contributing to the country’s emergence as a global centre of excellence for oil and gas, infrastructure and construction.

You can connect with Danabek on Linkedin here: LinkedIn 

You can connect with WMG on Linkedin here: LinkedIn

You can learn more about World Monitoring Group here: WMG Website 

You can connect with Danabek on Crunchbase here: Crunchbase

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