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Sahara Energy Resources DMCC 



Andrew Laven is Chief Operating Officer Sahara Energy Resources DMCC 

Andy has worked in the oil industry for over 30 years and has been the Chief Operating Officer for Sahara Energy Resources in Dubai since 2019. He covers a key growth region, and is focused on East Africa and the Middle East. The Sahara Group is a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 38 countries across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. It is also Africa's leading crude oil and products trading business with offices in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Based in Dubai for over 14 years, initially as VP for BP’s Middle East trading business and subsequently the Regional manager for Bomin a bunker company owned by Mabanaft, Marquard & Bahls trading business. Andy is responsible for key internal and external relationships, business origination and trading activities for the region. He has been involved across the oil business in the upstream as well as trading.

You can connect with Andy on Linkedin here.

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Andrew Laven - Sahara Energy Resources DMCC 

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