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Gas & LNG Contract Negotiations

About This Course This world class training course is uniquely Asia-focused. It immerses course participants in a dynamic negotiation process based entirely on real life Oil, Gas and LNG negotiating situations, many of which have been experienced directly by the course Trainers. It targets profes ...

Salina Matt

    28 Nov 2017

Posted 2 days agoTraining > gasLNGContract +8

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Oil & Gas & Petroleum Fiscal Regimes and Applied Finance for Non-Finance Oil & Gas Professionals

About This Course This 3-day separately book-able course is not designed to skill Oil & Gas engineers to be accountants, but to give participants the confidence and ability to communicate with accountants and finance managers and to improve their own financial decision making. For engineering pro ...

Salina Matt

    MY 08 Nov 2017

Posted 2 days agoTraining > Financefiscal issuesRegimes +11

Effective Plant Turnaround Management

About This Course Turnarounds are complex projects that have a substantial impact on business performance. It is imperative that Turnarounds are effectively planned and executed, especially in continuous process industries such as Oil, Gas and Chemicals. Turnarounds are more than merely technical ...

Salina Matt

    MY 01 Nov 2017

Posted 5 days agoTraining > EffectiveplantTurnaround +19

EPCIC Contract Management & Essential Elements of International Contract Laws

About This Course In the Oil & Gas construction and procurement business, the success of your project is dependent on your practical “know how” in contract management. Understanding the essential ingredients of contracts and mastering the fundamentals will equip you to identify vague contracts, a ...

Salina Matt

    MY 20 Nov 2017

Posted 5 days agoTraining > EPCIC Contract ManagementEssential Elements of International Contract LawsOil & Gas Training Provider +3

Offshore & Marine Projects and Risks Management with Contractual Perspectives

About This Course This course is exclusively developed for professionals engaged in multiple disciplines across niche segments of the Offshore & Marine Rig-building & FPS Conversion industry. Participants will be able to learn from real life experiences and be equipped for managing the challenges ...

Salina Matt

Singapore     SG 07 Nov 2017

Posted 5 days agoTraining > OffshoreMarineMarine Projects +13

Subsea Pipeline Engineering

About This Course Subsea pipelines are the arteries of the offshore industry, and around the world more than 18,000km are in service. Part of almost every project, they often form a large component of project cost. This course will provide a complete and up-to-date overview of the area of Subsea ...

Salina Matt

    MY 20 Nov 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > SubseapipelineEngineering +10

LNG Processing

About This Course With gas consumers often too far from production sites to allow pipeline developments in a globalised energy market, LNG may represent the only solution that is economically viable for new gas projects. Additionally, in such a context the focus on Floating LNG (both for export a ...

Salina Matt

Singapore     SG 20 Nov 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > LNGProcessingLNG Processing +6

Advanced Well Stimulation Strategies

About This Course: Optimal drainage of a reservoir, both physically and economically, is not as straightforward as it used to be in the good old days. Horses for Courses prevail. Different well paths are available for different geological structures: conventional vertical, vertical, slanted and h ...

Salina Matt

    MY 20 Nov 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > Advancedwellsimulation +8

How to Interpret Multi-Well Pressure vs Depth Plots & Pressure Maps from DSTs & Wire-line Formation Test Data including Hydrodynamics

About This Course This 5 day intensive training course will show participants how to use pressure data from DST's, Wire-line Tests (such as RFT's & MDT's) & production Tests ( from many different wells) to make Pressure/Depth Plots which reveal permeability barriers such as pinch-outs, sealing fa ...

Salina Matt

    AU 20 Nov 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > Multi Well PressureDepth PlotsPressure +15

Clastic Exploration & Reservoir Sedimentology

About This Course This course has been developed to provide an understanding of the geometry and hydrocarbon potential of clastic depositional systems and facies, and how they are affected by such important features as basin configuration, tectonics and eustasy. Each of the major clastic environm ...

Salina Matt

    20 Nov 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > Clastic ExplorationReservoirSedimentology +10

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy in Clastic Reservoirs

About The Course This course will follow a workshop format. The workshop will emphasise the underlying geological principles, processes and terminology related to the interpretation and use of seismic sequence stratigraphy and its integration with well log sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy. ...

Salina Matt

    MY 13 Nov 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > IntegratedSequenceStratigraphy +11

Integrated Field Development Planning for Offshore Fields

About This Course This course is designed with the aim of showing the degree of integration necessary in developing an offshore petroleum discovery, from field appraisal to development. The course gives a comprehensive account of the methodology, processes and techniques utilized in developing an o ...

Salina Matt

    MY 06 Nov 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > IntegratedField Development PlanningOffshore +8

International Oil Trading - A Practical Approach to the Legal Issues for Successful Management of Claims and Disputes

This course, in London, UK, covers areas of dispute that may arise in the performance of international shipping and trading contracts. Using a mixture of current practice supported by legal interpretation and precedent, delegates will learn to avoid many of the pitfalls that may occur. Real case stu ...

Andrew Infante

London   England   GB 04 Sep 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > InternationalOilTrade +6

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technology

This course, located in Oxford, UK, provides a thorough introduction to gasoline and diesel fuel technology and how fuel specifications are evolving to meet vehicle and environmental needs. It combines broad overviews of the background and future trends with sufficient technical detail for those act ...

Andrew Infante

Oxford   England   GB 04 Sep 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > Gasolinediesel fuelTechnology +2

Introduction to Hedging in Energy Markets

Understanding and identifying how to limit price risk exposure is a complex task. This two-day course, located in Calgary, Canada, will provide attendees with a forum to maximize hedging efficiencies and limit price risk exposure. Delegates will build a portfolio of industry techniques for managing ...

Andrew Infante

Calgary   AB   CA 30 Aug 2017

Posted 9 days agoTraining > IntroductionHedgingenergy market +5
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