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Carbonate Reservoir Geology

About This course: This course is designed to develop skills in understanding the geometry and petrophysical characteristics of carbonate reservoirs. Depositional fabric, grain type and size and subsequent diagenetic modifications are the major controls on carbonate reservoir behaviour. The compl ...

Salina Matt

    AE 04 Dec 2017

Posted 1 day agoTraining > CarbonateReservoirgeology +5

Do you want to drill wells Cheaper? Faster? Trouble Free?

Our next open training course in Houston, Texas will teach you the latest techniques and technologies that are delivering trouble-free, deviated, complex and ERD wells worldwide. Developed whilst drilling record ERD wells, Merlin ERD has recently enjoyed enviable success through applying these pract ...

Pam Conway

Houston   TX   US 17 Oct 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > ShaleOilandGasExtended Reach Drilling +3

Process Plant Start Up and Commissioning

This program addresses in an integrated manner the key activities involved in the safe, effective and timely commissioning and start-up of a new plant or facility. Start Up and Commissioning of new plant and equipment presents both a major technical and management challenge. An organisation's person ...

Salina Matt

    MY 15 May 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > process plantStart Up and CommissioningOil & Gas +2

Gas Processing

This 5 day course covers the design of systems for natural gas handling and treatment from the wellhead to the gas processing plant to achieve marketable products that meet desired product specifications. The course will emphasise on field handling equipment and separation systems, dehydration, flu ...

Salina Matt

    15 May 2017

Posted 6 days agoTraining > Gas ProcessinggasOil & Gas +5

Interpreting & Managing Time Charterparty For Offshore Support Vessels

This 3-Day training program is an advanced level course, with a hands-on workshop for management executives with prior knowledge of contract law and experience in Charterparty management. The course is designed from an operators and practitioner's perspective, so as to equip the business owners and ...

Salina Matt

    MY 15 May 2017

Posted 7 days agoTraining > Interpreting & Managing TimecharterpartyOffshore +4

Small scale LNG Operations

This training course has been designed so as to give the interested parties an introduction to small scale LNG design and operation.   For more information, please visit Drop us an email to for our Exclusive Promotional Price.

Salina Matt

Singapore     SG 22 May 2017

Posted 7 days agoTraining > Small Scale LNGOperationsOil & Gas +2

Well Intervention and Productivity School

Well interventions have a large opportunity to enhance well production if correctly designed and implemented. Conversely they can have a large negative impact on production if they're not. The Well Intervention & Productivity School (WIPS) is designed to help well intervention specialists, well serv ...

Salina Matt

    MY 15 May 2017

Posted 7 days agoTraining > well interventionProductivityOil & Gas +2

Exploration for Tight Gas Systems

This 5 day course is designed to train the explorationist to efficiently identify and map pervasive, large opportunities in Tight Gas Systems. They occur in both clastics and carbonates, and examples of each will be provided. In as much as these resource plays will be a main focus of future gas expl ...

Salina Matt

    AU 15 May 2017

Posted 7 days agoTraining > explorationTight Gas Systemsgas +4

Reservoir Engineering for Geosciences Professionals and Other Disciplines

In the E&P business reservoir engineering data and models are used to optimise economic hydrocarbon recovery. This 5 day course addresses reservoir engineering concepts and methods to enable cross-disciplinary team work and exchange of ideas and experience. In this course, a range of fundamental con ...

Salina Matt

    MY 15 May 2017

Posted 7 days agoTraining > Reservoir EngineeringReservoirEngineers +7

Introduction to Petroleum Geosciences

This 3-day course will introduce the key concepts and principles of geology and geophysics currently used in the oil and gas industry. Emphasis will be placed on explaining how and why various techniques and technologies are used and how the two disciplines interact and complement each other. Case h ...

Salina Matt

    MY 22 May 2017

Posted 8 days agoTraining > Oil & GasIntroductionpetroleum +6

Subsea power cable installation

This is a technical awareness course which details the cycles and phases in the installation of subsea power cables. This course will help installation contractors, engineers, project managers and oil and gas practitioners transferring to the offshore wind industry increasing their knowledge of the ...

Cara Low

    08 Nov 2017

Posted 1 month agoTraining

Design of subsea pipelines

This course is vital to help engineers understand contractors' output, design houses to apply calculations to projects and for regulatory bodies to follow up-to-date industry codes. With discussions around industry developments and the latest technologies, the course explains the principles of subse ...

Cara Low

    GB 17 Oct 2017

Posted 1 month agoTraining

Integrity management of subsea pipelines

This course is highly recommended for anyone involved in the maintenance and integrity of assets and pipelines, the course offers a thorough understanding of the engineering principles behind successful integrity management. Using case studies and worked examples, the course covers assessments to D ...

Cara Low

    GB 10 Oct 2017

Posted 1 month agoTraining

Construction of subsea pipelines

This course is essential if you need to improve your knowledge of offshore pipeline installation techniques. Increase your appreciation of the capabilities of the latest pipe-lay vessels and equipment. Gaining confidence in identifying the best technical solutions for your projects.  This course ex ...

Cara Low

    GB 03 Oct 2017

Posted 1 month agoTraining

Pigging and plugging

This course helps subsea pipeline and integrity engineers to understand the use of pipeline pigs and plugs to perform a variety of operations. This course provides an overview of pigs and plugs available and their functionality, the course tutor will explain the latest theories on improving the rel ...

Cara Low

    GB 19 Sep 2017

Posted 1 month agoTraining
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