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Oil & Gas Contracts Course, Lagos

Gain a competitive advantage in negotiations with this 3 day course on international oil and gas contracts from Warren Business Consulting, who have provided energy training in Lagos for the past 5 years. A highly interactive program, delivered by an experienced practitioner and course director, giv ...

Warren Business Consulting - Warren Business Consulting

Lagos   Lagos   NG 06 Mar 2017

Posted 3 months agoTraining > LagosEnergy LawOil and gas contracts +3

Subsea intervention

This two day course provides an awareness of the main aspects of subsea intervention and will help you address typical subsea issues such as choke failures, dropped objects, pod failure, valve failure, flying lead or jumper failures.  Focusing on the different types of intervention and the typical ...

Cara Low

  Lagos   NG 08 May 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > subsea interventionSpecialist Subsea ServicesSubsea +8

Subsea controls

This two day course explains how control systems operate and the engineering principles involved. You will have the opportunity to see what different parts of the system look like, get an independent comparison of the kit and equipment available, and gain a greater insight into this specialist area.

Cara Low

  Lagos   NG 13 Mar 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > Subsea controlsSubsea systemsSpecialist Subsea Services +3

Bowtie Risk Management Masterclass

A solidly implemented HSE management system (HSE-MS) is an essential basis for good HSE performance. Outstanding performance and continuous improvement will only be achieved when there is a culture in which the elements of the management system can flourish. To make the system life Clear Personal Res ...

Noor Azura

  Cairo Governorate   EG 19 Feb 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > HSE ManagementHSE-MSHSE +5

Certified Tripod Beta Practitioner Course

A solidly implemented management system is the foundation for good business performance. The Risk Identification and Management module and the Continuous Improvement Loop are at the heart of the management system. Learning from failures plays an important part in that improvement loop. However, inci ...

Noor Azura

  Cairo Governorate   EG 22 Mar 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > Risk Identificationrisk managementincident investigation +10

Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects & Contracts

Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects & Contracts 21 – 24 August 2017, Johannesburg Overview Africa needs new infrastructure. Roads, airports, schools, hospitals and housing: the list is enormous and growing. Yet severely limited budgets an ...

Emma Wang

Johannesburg   GP   ZA 21 Aug 2017

Posted 2 days agoTraining > ppppublic private partnershippartnership agreement +15

Asset Integrity Management in Oil & Gas Industries

Assets Integrity Management is nowadays one of the essential elements of operational excellence that many companies have embraced to maintain the competitive edge in their line of business. Operator's ultimate goal is to perform as a world class company while ensuring facility integrity and protecti ...

Noor Azura

Istanbul   İstanbul   TR 23 Jan 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > Asset IntegrityoperationFacility Integrity +10

LONDON - RokDoc 1D2D Introduction - 3 Day Course - 06 Dec - 08 Dec 2016

Intended for new and intermediate users who require an introduction to RokDoc and the rock physics theories behind the software. Delegates are guided through a typical RokDoc workflow, comprising data loading and QC, predicting missing data with calibrated rock physics models, blocky modelling, log ...

Julianne Sharples - Ikon Science

Teddington   England   GB 06 Dec 2016

Posted 5 months agoTraining > United Kingdomrokdocsoftware +1

Subsea power cable installation

Explaining the various installation methods, this two day course will help you understand the cycles and phases in the installation of subsea power cables. The tutor will coach you in identifying and solving issues relating to subsea cable laying from case studies and worked examples.

Cara Low

London   England   GB 15 Feb 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > Specialist Subsea ServicesLondonUK

Risers, umbilicals and flexibles

This is one of our most popular courses, this course helps subsea, pipeline and riser engineers and managers understand risers, umbilicals and flexibles and how they operate. With explaination of the different types, their uses, design, installation methods and operational considerations, this cour ...

Cara Low

    GB 19 Sep 2017

Posted 2 months agoTraining

Pigging and plugging

This course helps subsea pipeline and integrity engineers to understand the use of pipeline pigs and plugs to perform a variety of operations. This course provides an overview of pigs and plugs available and their functionality, the course tutor will explain the latest theories on improving the rel ...

Cara Low

    GB 19 Sep 2017

Posted 2 months agoTraining

Construction of subsea pipelines

This course is essential if you need to improve your knowledge of offshore pipeline installation techniques. Increase your appreciation of the capabilities of the latest pipe-lay vessels and equipment. Gaining confidence in identifying the best technical solutions for your projects.  This course ex ...

Cara Low

    GB 03 Oct 2017

Posted 2 months agoTraining

Integrity management of subsea pipelines

This course is highly recommended for anyone involved in the maintenance and integrity of assets and pipelines, the course offers a thorough understanding of the engineering principles behind successful integrity management. Using case studies and worked examples, the course covers assessments to D ...

Cara Low

    GB 10 Oct 2017

Posted 2 months agoTraining

Design of subsea pipelines

This course is vital to help engineers understand contractors' output, design houses to apply calculations to projects and for regulatory bodies to follow up-to-date industry codes. With discussions around industry developments and the latest technologies, the course explains the principles of subse ...

Cara Low

    GB 17 Oct 2017

Posted 2 months agoTraining

Integrity management of subsea pipelines

Integrity management is paramount to the efficient operation and the long life of a pipeline. This essential four day course will help your team identify a range of issues and threats to ensure safe and efficient operation, whilst also reducing operating costs and increasing the life of a pipeline. ...

Cara Low

Aberdeen   Scotland   GB 25 Apr 2017

Posted 4 months agoTraining > Asset Integrityintegrity managementsubsea pipelines +5
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