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HOUSTON - Ji-Fi (Joint Impedance & Facies Inversion) - 2 Day Course

This exciting new course guides attendees through the use of our RokDoc inversion software by following detailed workflows, starting from the generation of facies logs, through to running the inversion and QC of the results. The workflows are complementary with underlying principles and discussions ...

Julianne Sharples - Ikon Science

Houston   TX   US 13 Dec 2016

Posted 1 year agoTraining > JI-FI

Risers, umbilicals and flexibles

Explaining the different types, their uses, design, installation methods and operational considerations, this four day course also covers integrity management activities to inspect and maintain equipment and efficient operations. Can't make these dates? We also offer this course online. Learn more ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 21 Mar 2017

Posted 11 months agoTraining > subsea pipelinespipeline installationSpecialist Subsea Services +7

Pigging and plugging

Ideal for subsea pipeline and integrity engineers, this course will help you understand the different types of pipeline pigs and plugs and their functionality. The tutor will explain the latest theories on improving reliability and accuracy of pigging, for both cleaning and inspection purposes. Ana ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 02 May 2017

Posted 11 months agoTraining > subsea piggingSpecialist Subsea ServicesSubsea +13

Subsea systems

This four day course will help you develop your knowledge of subsea equipment, market drivers and issues affecting subsea production. Demonstrating how subsea systems are integral to subsea production, the tutor will explain in detail system configurations, spoolpieces, trees, control systems, umbil ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 06 Mar 2018

Posted 11 months agoTraining > Subsea systemssubsea productionsubsea configurations +9

Risers, umbilicals and flexibles

This is one of our most popular courses, this course helps subsea, pipeline and riser engineers and managers understand risers, umbilicals and flexibles and how they operate. With explaination of the different types, their uses, design, installation methods and operational considerations, this cour ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 28 Nov 2017

Posted 9 months agoTraining

Design of Subsea Pipelines

This course is vital to help engineers understand contractors' output, design houses to apply calculations to projects and for regulatory bodies to follow up-to-date industry codes. With discussions around industry developments and the latest technologies, the course explains the principles of subse ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 16 Jan 2018

Posted 9 months agoTraining

Do you want to drill wells Cheaper? Faster? Trouble Free?

Our next open training course in Houston, Texas will teach you the latest techniques and technologies that are delivering trouble-free, deviated, complex and ERD wells worldwide. Developed whilst drilling record ERD wells, Merlin ERD has recently enjoyed enviable success through applying these pract ...

Pam Conway

Houston   TX   US 17 Oct 2017

Posted 7 months agoTraining > ShaleOilandGasExtended Reach Drilling +3

Overview of Physical Crude Oil Training and Operations

This two-day course, located in Houston, TX (US) provides an introduction to the trading of physical crude oil. Delegates will gain an understanding of the knowledge possessed by a physical crude oil trader and the steps involved in negotiating a physical crude oil transaction. In addition, delegate ...

Andrew Infante

Houston   TX   US 17 Jul 2017

Posted 5 months agoTraining > OilCrude oilHouston

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining - A Non-Technical Introduction

You don't need an engineering degree to understand the fundamentals of petroleum refining! This exciting programme, located in Houston, TX (US), is designed to introduce non-technical oil industry members to the fascinating field of petroleum refining. Learn how a refinery works and how refinery ope ...

Andrew Infante

Houston   TX   US 19 Jul 2017

Posted 5 months agoTraining > HoustonRefiningpetroleum +1

Fundamentals of Refinery Economics and Blending

This one-day workshop, located in Houston, TX (US), is designed to follow on from our popular Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining course, by focusing on the topics of refinery economics and blending. The course reviews the fundamentals of refining planning and optimisation, and delegates will learn w ...

Andrew Infante

Houston   TX   US 21 Jul 2017

Posted 5 months agoTraining > blendingHoustonRefinery +2

North American Natural Gas Physical & Financial Fundamentals

This two-day course is designed to introduce delegates to the functionality of the natural gas industry, transportation, storage, trading and hedging. Discussion includes physical natural gas beginning with exploration and concluding with the delivery to the burner-tip. It will provide an understand ...

Andrew Infante

Houston   TX   US 22 Jan 2018

Posted 1 month agoTraining > North AmericaphysicalFinancial +4

Mastering Oil Trading Concepts

This three-day workshop is designed to follow the popular Oil Trading Orientation (OTO) course.  Mastering Oil Trading Concepts (OTO2) builds on the basics learned to extend your understanding of the complex world of oil trading and take your skills to a higher level.   Topics explored during the c ...

Andrew Infante

Houston   TX   US 29 Jan 2018

Posted 1 month agoTraining > HoustonTexasUnited States +2

Subsea Hardware

This technical awareness course provides a comprehensive understanding of the equipment used in subsea production systems. This is beneficial for engineers installing equipment to procurement staff looking to understand more.

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 23 Jan 2018

Posted 12 days agoTraining > TreesManifoldsField Architecture +3

Denver, CO - Oil and Petrochemicals Overview – Industry Fundamentals and Market Principles

This two-day course, located in Denver, CO, US, provides an overview of the entire petroleum industry, from the wellhead to the end user. Delegates will learn about all parts of the industry, both upstream and downstream, and important current industry trends. The course provides a basic grounding i ...

Andrew Infante

Denver   CO   US 14 Aug 2017

Posted 5 months agoTraining > denvercoloradoPetrochemical +1

Fundamentals of Energy Futures - Calgary, Canada

This highly interactive workshop, located in Calgary, Canada, is a great introduction to exchange traded futures contracts. Delegates will leave with an in-depth knowledge of futures contracts and markets - specifically those related to energy. This introductory one-day course includes a trading sim ...

Andrew Infante

Calgary   AB   CA 28 Aug 2017

Posted 5 months agoTraining > energy futurefundamentalsoxford princeton +4
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