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What is a steel flange

What are Steel Flanges ? Generally speaking, the  steel flanges  refer to the joints specially used for connecting pipes. For example, two  steel pipes  with a diameter of 100 can be connected by welding or electric welding. Once welded, it is not easy to disassemble unless it is cut by a cutter ...

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General Information About Flanges

What is a flange ? Flange is a major component for connecting two pipes . Generally speaking, it connects the ends of two pipes through threading or welding. Thus, flanges are classified into two big categories according to attended modes: threaded connection (screwed) flanges and welding fl ...

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Durlmark Industrial Inc.

At Durlmark INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. you will find an extensive range of Pipe , Valves , Flanges , Pipe Fittings , Fasteners, Gaskets and other spare parts for industrial use - more than 50 product types available in over 400 sizes and 20 materials, in fact. And our engineers work tirelessly to inn ...

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