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Mayan Energy on Course to Hit 300-500bopd Production Target as Two New Wells in Texas Commence Production

Initiation of Production at Two US Onshore Wells Mayan (AIM: MYN), the AIM listed oil and gas company, is pleased to announce the initiation of production at the Gilbreath #19 well at Forest Hill Field, Wood County, Texas (“Forest Hill”) and the Morris #1 well at Stockdale Field, Wilson County, ...

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Dr. Daniel Fine: Oil and Gas: A Look at What 2018 May Bring

Trump leads mass deregulation effort; comeback seen for San Juan Basin by Dr. Daniel Fine The price of oil in 2018 will be volatile with commodity market traders selling on signals of OPEC-Russia “cheating” or members producing more oil than the extended Algiers Agreement output quotas. This shou ...

Will Fine

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Artificial Intelligence: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Downtime Have Been an Answer for Oil and Gas Companies

Improving Operational Efficiency in the Oil & Gas Industry and Predictive Maintenance to Avoid Costly Downtime will drive the artificial intelligence in the oil & gas in the coming future. The growth of the Artificial Intelligence In The Oil & Gas Market can be attributed to the Increasing Bi ...

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U.S. Biodiesel Production Still Increasing Despite Expiration of Tax Credit

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Monthly Biodiesel Production Report Through the first nine months of 2017, U.S. biodiesel production levels were slightly higher than 2016 levels, despite the expiration of a federal biodiesel blender's tax credit at the end of 2016. Domestic ...

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NrgEdge, Your Weekly Update: 11 - 15 Dec

Market Watch Headline crude prices for the week beginning 11 December 2017 – Brent: US$63/b; WTI: US$57/b -       The shutdown of the Forties pipeline system in the UK North Sea has been a shock to the market, pulling Brent and WTI prices up. Repairs to the important oil conduit will take at l ...

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Your Weekly Update: 23 - 27 Oct

Last week in the world oil: Prices As signs points to OPEC and Russia extending their production cuts beyond March 2018, crude oil prices surged to their highest level since July 2015, with Brent hitting, and staying above, US$60/b. WTI remains strong as well, as American crude exports hit an ...

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Your Weekly Update: 16 - 20 Oct

Last week in the world oil: Prices - There are no clear trends in crude prices, with Brent and WTI stuck in their respective ranges of US$57/b and US$52/b. Reductions in US drilling rates were offset by Iraqi supply disruptions, while OPEC's hints that the supply freeze will persist did little ...

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Major Employment Report Shows Signs of Returning Confidence in the Oil and Gas Market

Industry Survey of 10,000 respondents shows: ·         Almost 60% of employers expect to recruit significantly over next 12 months ·         Almost half of employers expect salaries to rise October 2017 After a tough four years new research shows that for the first time since 2014 the oil and ...

Oliver Fitzpatrick

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All You Need to Know About Benedict Peters – Nigeria Profile

I write quite a bit about leading energy figures in the oil and gas world in Nigeria. Last week I did a profile of Arthur Eze , the bombastic prince of Oranto's sprawling oil network. I don't believe that these visionaries get the credit they deserve so I want to make a point of drawing attention ...

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Your Weekly Update: 2 - 6 Oct

Last week in World oil: Prices -       Despite OPEC's best efforts to insist the ‘supply freeze is working', crude oil prices continue to dawdle as the market instead focuses on continued oversupply, particularly with US production returning from Hurricane Harvey closures. Brent is trading at ...

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Your Weekly Update: 18 - 22 Sep

Last week in the world oil: Prices -       Oil prices got a boost, within striking distance of US$60/b, as major producers say that the global supply glut is shrinking as strong demand creates a rebalancing, as well as threats by Turkey to cut off Kurdistan's only pipeline outlet for its crud ...

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Your Weekly Update: 11 - 15 Sep

Last week in World Oil: Prices Oil prices remain close to multi-month highs as the market assesses the impact of two recent major hurricanes, as well as indications that OPEC is considering extending the current supply freeze deal beyond March 2018. Brent is trading at about US$55/b, while WTI s ...

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Your Weekly Update: 28 Aug - 1 Sep

Last week in the world oil: Prices -       Crude prices rose as key refineries and pipelines in the US Gulf resume operations after being shut for Hurricane Harvey. WTI prices recovered to US$48/b, as refining centres around Corpus Christi, Houston and Port Arthur avoided major damage and resumed ...

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Aiteo at the vanguard: the powerhouse at the centre of Nigerian oil

There is a quote that says: ‘ the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result '. It's often attributed to Albert Einstein, but it perfectly describes the state of the oil sector in Nigeria. Governments come and go, oil licences are approved, an ...

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Westwood Global Energy Group sees Global Recovery in Land Drilling, Makes Global Land Rigs Data Available for First Time

- The first half of 2017 shows the start of a recovery in the global land drilling market, according to figures from Westwood Global Energy Group (Westwood) - It predicts that the global number of rigs drilling will increase at a seven per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), over the period to ...

Victoria Roe

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