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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Titanium In Stainless Steel

When titanium in stainless steel, carbon will preferentially combine with titanium to form titanium carbide, which can effectively prevent the formation of chromium carbide and the grain boundary depletion formed by precipitation, and ultimately can effectively prevent intergranular corrosion. ...

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2PC Cast Steel RF Flanged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve with Gear Operation

  2PC Cast Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve   Product Details Size 2 inch - 24 inch   Pressure Rating 150LB - 2500 LB   Standard Connections Flanged Ends (RF,FF)   Material Body/Bonnet: A216WCB ,A351 CF8 ,A351 CF8M,A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CF8C,A352 LCB ...


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Wenzhou Ruixin Valve Co.,Ltd

Located in Wenzhou City where a hometown of valve in China, Wenzhou Ruixin Valve Co.,Ltd has designed,manufactured,and sold various valves worldwide as the OEM for a number of different brands. The factory produce valves include Cast Steel & Forge Steel BALL VALVES,GATE VALVES,GLOBE VALVE,CHECK V ...


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Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings | Class 3000 & 6000 Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings are family members of high pressure pipe fittings, which available in rating of Class 3000lb, 6000lb and 9000lb. Socket weld coupling is meant to joint a pipe into a recessed area of valves, fittings and flanges. Stainless steel forged socket weld fittings ar ...

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What Is Stainless Steel Solution Annealing?

Austenitic stainless steels are softened by solution annealing . Generally, stainless steel pipe and fittings are heated to 950 to 1150 degrees Celsius and held for a period of time. The purpose of this is to make the carbides and various alloying elements sufficiently uniformly dissol ...

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Annual Output Value Reaches 10 Billion! Guangdong Yongjin's Stainless Steel Phase I Has Been Completed 90%, Trial Production Next Month!

We carry out the cold rolling process independently, all relying on the upstream raw material support. Here in Yangjiang city, we must rely on the supply of Guangqing's raw materials. Its raw material guarantee has great support for the supply of our customers. After the first phase of the project ...

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India's Iron Ore Imports Plunge 99.4% In October 2019

India's Iron Ore Imports Plunge 99.4% In October This Year Indian Ministry of Industry and Commerce released preliminary data showing that in October 2019, due to weak domestic steel demand and a surge in iron ore import prices, India 's iron ore imports fell by 99.4% to 6,300 tons, compared with ...

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Reused or Recycled Welded Steel Pipe

A wide range of both decorative and functional pipe welding techniques are used in welded steel pipe as well as stainless steel pipe . For instance, welded steel pipe is used in such cases as automotive exhaust systems, wheel covers and windscreen wiper arms. In the transportation sector, welded ...

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Stainless Steel Elbow 90 Degree LR PE Coating ASTM A403 WP316 | ZIZI

We manufacture and export stainless steel pipes & fittings with  3 Layer PE coating in standard of DIN 30670, the mainly fittings are elbow, tee and reducer. The present standard specifies requirements for coatings that are applied to longitudinally or spirally welded or seamless steel pipes and ...

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Analysis of Preventive Measures for 20# Precision Steel Pipe Rust

Causes of rusting of 20# precision steel pipe and prevention methods 1. The surface of the stainless steel accumulates dust or other metal particles attached to other metal elements. In humid air, the condensed water between the attached material and the stainless steel connects the two into a m ...

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Performance Characteristics Of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

Duplex Pipe is supported by duplex stainless steel, so it features duplex stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel has the following performance characteristics: (1) Molybdenum-containing duplex stainless steel has good resistance to chloride stress corrosion under low stress. Generally, 18-8 t ...

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What is Stainless Steel? All One Needs to Know About Stainless Steel

What is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is the generic name for a number of different steels used primarily for their resistance to corrosion. Stainless steels are produced by adding at least 11% chromium to steel to produce a thin passive protective layer of Cr2Q3, which promotes corrosion resista ...

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