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Deepwater Drilling Well Design, Engineering & Operations

Overview Most of the earth's surface is covered by the sea and majority of the sea is described as deepwater. However only relatively restricted surface area underlain by continental plate can be considered as prospective for hydrocarbons. Although fields found in shallow water can be found in ...

Opus Kinetic

Kuala Lumpur   Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur   MY 03 Dec 2018

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PetroEdge Course- Deepwater Depositional Systems

petro EDGE  presents... DEEPWATER  DEPOSITIONAL SYSTEMS 24 – 26 September 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This 3 day course examines different deepwater depositional systems and considers how deepwater process, topography and sediment supply impact on these systems. This course will als ...

Salina Matt

Kuala Lumpur   Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur   MY 24 Sep 2018

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