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Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump

Overview Centrifugal pumps are usually used in the Oil and Gas industry to mix and handle oilfield fluids. The rotary motion combined with a shaped pump housing creates centrifugal force to discharge fluids from the pumps. These pumps operate efficiently in high-volume, low-output-pressure cond ...

Opus Kinetic

Kuala Lumpur   Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur   MY 19 Nov 2018

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PetroSync - Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump in Bandung

PetroSync   with Mr. Glenn Rogers organizing a 5 days training course on Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump.  This course will will teach delegates the range of thinking and subjects, which need to be considered in driving to find the real root cause of a failure. The course aims to : Un ...

PetroSync Global Pte Ltd - PetroSync

    ID 23 Jul 2018

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