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  Oil Price A good day yesterday as the market was positive ahead of the Opec/non Opec meeting at which an extension of the deal looks likely. The EIA inventory stats showed a build of 4.6m barrels but although that was slightly ahead of forecasts given the hurricane damage is still pretty ir ...

Malcolm Graham-Wood - Malcy's Blog

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The $10 Trillion Resource North Korea Can't Tap

North Korea may not have proved petroleum reserves, but it's estimated that the secluded belligerent nation sits on reserves of more than 200 minerals—including rare earth minerals—worth an estimated up to US$10 trillion. Of course, there are no official reports on how much North Korea's mineral ...

Oilprice Staff

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Oil price, Jersey Oil and Gas, SDX Energy, Empyrean Energy And finally…

  Oil Price The week ended quietly but performance was impressive with WTI up $2.41 and Brent trailing behind up only $1.84. This morning the trend continues and both are up another 30 odd cents with no sign of the positive trend coming to and end, at least for now. Last week saw the agencies r ...

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When it comes to vandalism Nigeria needs to address the cause, not the symptom  

Successive administrations in Nigeria each have their strengths and weaknesses, but one thing each government department has perfected into a fine art is the amalgamation of bad news into a grand narrative of considered, deliberate development. They will also never, ever miss an opportunity to take ...

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Benedict Peters: Aiteo Founder hits back over corruption allegations, boasting $4bn of FDI

Despite being one of the most enterprising countries on the planet, Nigerians loves to do businesses down. What's more, it's often our own home-grown businesses. This week, one of those business has decided to hit back. Having been the subject of corruption allegations as part of Buhari's anti-graf ...

Bayo Okoya - Delta Analytics Lagos

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SMEs Navigating the Oil Market Crash

The oil industry crash that started at the end of 2014… … Doesn't seem to have finished yet as the jobs outlook around the world has yet to improve. There are a few exceptions and anomalies such as the difficulties in finding frack crews , or the resilience of some of the Middle Eastern countr ...

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France’s Symbolic Ban on Oil

The government of Emmanuel Macron was elected on a long-string of promises. One of which was to make France carbon neutral by 2050, which would entail weaning the country off the usage of hydrocarbons. It is a trend that has been replicated across Europe, but Macron wants to go even further. Legisla ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Your Weekly Update: 28 Aug - 1 Sep

Last week in the world oil: Prices -       Crude prices rose as key refineries and pipelines in the US Gulf resume operations after being shut for Hurricane Harvey. WTI prices recovered to US$48/b, as refining centres around Corpus Christi, Houston and Port Arthur avoided major damage and resumed ...

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Aiteo at the vanguard: the powerhouse at the centre of Nigerian oil

There is a quote that says: ‘ the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result '. It's often attributed to Albert Einstein, but it perfectly describes the state of the oil sector in Nigeria. Governments come and go, oil licences are approved, an ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Houston Is Down But Not Out

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has left devastation in its wake. It dumped some 27 trillion gallons of water on the states of Texas and Louisiana, causing an estimated US$75 billion in damages.  From the energy perspective, there were worries that coastal refining centres would be swamped, taking ...

Easwaran Kanason

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The road back to work during tough times

Learning about recruitment trends The upstream oil and gas industry is still struggling to get back on its feet, (with a few exceptions such as the US lower 48). There are so many good people still looking for work around the world. If it's been a while, it might be that you've let some of the ...

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3 Ways That Being An Oil Worker Can Help You To Grow Stronger

Growing through our contribution to society… Striving to grow stronger in life is a noble cause. That said the desire to grow stronger in any chosen line of work or professional trade is a respected way to begin the journey. In other words, because we spend such a great portion of our lives in ...

Jason Lavis - Out of the Box Innovations Ltd.

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The Next Oil Price Spike May Cripple The Industry

Two diametrically opposed views dominate the current debate about where the oil price is heading. On the one hand, there is the view that the price of oil will be " lower for longer ", or even " lower forever ", as the  electrification of transport will eat away at oil demand  more and more while, ...

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Oil price, Faroe Petroleum, Premier Oil, Chariot, Empyrean Energy And finally…

Oil price Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc in Texas over the weekend, production was halted both offshore and at onshore shale operations but the flooding has probably impacted the refineries more. On Friday the crude price rallied as production fears were highest and the rig count showed a drop ...

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Hedging threat and Venezuela Oil by Dr. Daniel Fine

How can Saudi Arabia and OPEC behind them strike a second blow against shale oil producers in the Southwest? The first was the 2014-2017 price and market share war in which they raised production to put the higher cost Americans out of business.   This was partially abandoned at Algiers in a reversa ...

Will Fine

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