H2SE in Marine Operations

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03 Nov 2020

Overview:90% of international trade is transported by sea. Maritime transport is still growing but faces deep challenges linked to the increase of protectionism, trade tensions and necessity for the sector to reduce the Green House Gas emissions.

80% of the Upstream Industry activity is operated offshore: We go farer and deeper in the search of new resources. Marine activity is subject to very strict international Rules and Regulations related to the Safety of Personnel and Vessels, the reduction of its impact on Environment and the integrity of the Assets.

Audience: All personnel involved in Offshore Operations: Logisticians, HSE Personnel, Project Engineer, Seafarers and Marine Supervisors or Superintendents having need to refresh the HSE requirements in all aspects of Marine Operations.

Deliverables: Upon completion of this course, Trainees will have acquired a full knowledge of the Health, Safety, and Environment challenges and elements of Marine/Offshore Operations. From Shore to Offshore Site, they will be able to manage the Safety of Marine Operations.

Training method and duration: Online training. Duration 4 half-days from 3 to 6 November 2020.

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Date of Training

03 Nov 2020

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