3D Seismic Data Processing

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26 Feb 2020


The objective of the course is to create and then develop an understanding of the theoretical background of seismic data processing algorithms, Quality Control and Quality assurances for each processing step to ensure having optimally seismic data product from seismic data quality perspectives.

This course develops ability in the analytical aspects of seismic data processing particularly to establish fit-for-purpose processing workflow, testing different seismic processing parameters, affording best processing practices in seismic data processing quality control tools. The course will cover all seismic processing workflow starting from seismic data reformatting of the seismic recorded data till producing the final seismic image of the true subsurface geology that will pave the way to having an amenable seismic data interpretation. The course will cover the usage of some seismic processing software QCing tools on the participant laptop to react interactively with the seismic data with his/her own initiative and not only counting on seismic Contractor's point. The course will also cover of seismic data processing case studies from onshore, transition zone and offshore seismic surveys to have guidelines to establish well-suite processing sequences for such similar cases.

Who Should Attend

Geophysicists, Geologists who need to be part of seismic data processing team as a professional geophysicist working in seismic services providers or following up from Clients side the seismic data processing projects with seismic contractors.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Ability to set up a complete seismic processing sequence for either onshore, TZ and offshore surveys.
  • The ability to implement accurate QC/QA work for any seismic data processing project
  • The ability to decide which data does need to have Pre stack time imaging or pre stack depth imaging.
  • The ability to select which imaging processing algorithms is sensible for seismic data.

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Date of Training

26 Feb 2020

3D SeismicAdvanced Seismic Data ProcessingSeismic Data Management

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