Gas Conditioning & Processing (G4) Training Course

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05 Aug 2019

Gas Conditioning & Processing: G4
5-16 August, Houston

The Campbell Gas Course
has been the standard of the industry for more than 47 years. More than 36,600 engineers have attended PetroSkills' G-4 program, considered by many to be the most practical and comprehensive course in the oil and gas industry. The Campbell Gas Course textbooks, Volumes 1 and 2, are routinely updated to reflect evolving technologies in this broad industry. Both hand-methods and computer-aided analysis are used to examine sensitivities of technical decisions. To enhance the learning process, about 30 problems will be assigned, reviewed, and discussed throughout the course. Problems will be solved individually and in teams.

Designed For: Production and processing personnel involved with natural gas and associated liquids, to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with gas conditioning and processing unit operations. This course is for facilities engineers, process engineers, senior operations personnel, field supervisors, and engineers who select, design, install, evaluate, or operate gas processing plants and related facilities. A broad approach is taken with the topics.

You Will Learn

  • Application of gas engineering and technology in facilities and gas plants
  • Important specifications for gas, NGL, and condensate
  • About the selection and evaluation of processes used to dehydrate natural gas, meet hydrocarbon dewpoint specifications, and extract NGLs
  • How to apply physical/thermodynamic property correlations and principles to the operation, design, and evaluation of gas processing facilities
  • Practical equipment sizing methods for major process equipment
  • To evaluate technical validity of discussions related to gas processing
  • To recognize and develop solutions for operating problem examples and control issues in gas processing facilities
2019 Dates
  • 17-28 June, Brisbane
  • 8-19 July, London
  • 22 July - 2 August, Kuala Lumpur
  • 5-16 August, Houston
  • 19-20 August, Perth
  • 9-20 September, Aberdeen
  • 6-17 October, Dubai
  • 7-18 October, Denver
  • & MORE

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Date of Training

05 Aug 2019

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