Leadership & People Management Skills

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10 Jun 2019

As international companies move towards a flatter, team-based structure, supervisors and team leaders need to learn to combine fulltime operational responsibilities with leadership roles. This practical activity-based course is aimed at developing essential leadership and people management skills in people who are relatively new to this demanding role.

What you will learn:

  • Prepare and make the adjustments necessary for a smooth transition into leadership
  • Assess your own leadership capabilities, challenges and potential growth areas
  • Manage yourself and your time more effectively to achieve your goals
  • Develop SMARTer goals and Action Plans
  • Apply effective communication techniques and conduct productive business meetings
  • Motivate and encourage ‘team spirit' among your staff
  • Develop delegation skills and assignment Action Plans
  • Develop coaching skills and use effective coaching techniques to improve staff performance
  • Use a systematic problem-solving and decision making approach
  • Manage conflict and stress constructively

Training method:

The majority of this course involves group activities, exercises, case studies and simulations designed to give you practice and build your confidence in managing yourself and your people.

35 hours CPD accreditation

Managing Yourself and Your Time

  • Managing yourself
  • Reactive and proactive management
  • Four quadrants of time management
  • Your time challenges
  • Putting it into practice: Managing your In-Tray

Moving up to leadership and supervision

  • Characteristics of successful leaders/supervisors
  • Leadership styles – matching your leadership style to the person and the situation 
  • Putting it into practice : Leadership case studies

The ABC of planning

  • What, why, and when do we plan?
  • SMARTer planning tools – mind-mapping, SWOT, SMART goals and Action Plans 
  • Putting it into practice: Developing your SMART goal and Action Plan 

Communicating internationally

  • What is effective communication? 
  • International communication barriers and how to overcome them 
  • Keys to effective international communication – active listening, questioning and responding techniques 
  • Guidelines for productive business meetings 
  • Putting it into practice: Difficult meeting situations 

Motivating your team

  • What motivates people to work? 
  • What the research tells us about motivation and employee engagement 
  • The Q12 Index: Motivation and Productivity 
  • Putting it into practice: Motivating your team and engaging individuals

Delegation: learning to let go

  • Benefits of delegation Under delegation/ over delegation 
  • How to delegate the workload effectively 
  • How to develop people through delegation 
  • Putting it into practice: Developing a delegation plan for your staff 

Coaching for staff development 

  • What is coaching? 
  • Developmental and corrective coaching 
  • Coaching guidelines 
  • Putting it into practice: Coaching role-plays and case studies 

Problem-solving and decision-making (PSDM)

  • Practical skills for Problem-Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) 
  • A practical Problem-solving and Decision-making(PSDM) model 
  • Putting it into practice: Applying the PSDM model to your own problem 

Managing conflict and stress at work

  • Conflict management styles 
  • A conflict resolution model 
  • Managing stress at work 
  • The Stress Chain 
  • How to relieve negative stress 

Developing Yourself

  • Ten Tips for developing yourself as a manager 
  • Putting it into practice: Management Lessons Learned. Team meetings and mini-presentations on what you have learned and can apply back on the job.

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Date of Training

10 Jun 2019

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