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18 Feb 2019

Course objectives

To describe the capabilities of the seismic method during the process of reservoir characterization, and to provide the tools for well-seismic data integration in the construction of the static model of the reservoir.

The course is designed for

  • Geoscientists involved in reservoir description,
  • Other relevant technical and reservoir staff.

Course outline

  • The seismic reflection method;
  • Basic concepts of wave propagation;
  • Basic concepts of Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing;
  • The main variables: Seismic velocities: P and S;
  • The Elastic Properties of Rocks and their relation to Rock Petrophysical Properties;
  • Seismic-Well correlation: The key for integration;
  • AVO Modelling and Analysis.
  • Inversion processes: Post and Pre Stack
  • Facies Classification
  • Rock properties estimation from seismic data

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Date of Training

18 Feb 2019

Seismic Reservoir CharacterizationReservoir EngineeringWave propagationMexicoRock properties