Subsea Production Engineering

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22 Apr 2019

About This Course

The Subsea Production Engineering Course provides an overview of all of the functionalities and key interfaces of subsea equipment. The course will refer to relevant industry engineering standards for subsea equipment, and critical operational requirements. The sessions will cover challenges associated with equipment design and installability.

Why You Should Attend

  • To apply the requirements of related industry standards (API 6A/ 17D, API 17A etc.) engineering standards
  • Understand the barrier and qualification requirements
  • Identify the barriers in place given a specific mode of operation
  • Evaluate and select which tree alternatives are valid based on the key design drivers
  • Identify and describe the key design drivers
  • Explain the importance of well kill rate
  • Describe which tree alternatives are valid for certain scenarios based on an evaluation of the key tree design requirements
  • Examine what effects subsurface requirements may have on tree design
  • Understand the challenges associated with designing equipment for manufacturability and installability
  • Recognise the implications of design changes to specific components and the effects on transportation and installation (such as what type of vessels, lifting equipment, and tools to use and the logistical requirements)
  • Recognise the implication of design changes on manufacturability of subsea equipment

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Date of Training

22 Apr 2019

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