Pipeline Integrity Assessment - Practical Aspect

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29 Oct 2018


A five-day in-depth seminar on the practical aspects of pipeline integrity, including corporate objectives, risk, planning integrity programs, internal inspection tools, anomaly identification and analysis, repair, coating, and pressure testing.  Participants will be introduced to the technical basis for determining pipeline integrity.

The seminar will provide information, reinforced by case studies and exercises on pipeline defects, such as corrosion, cracking, and third-party damage.  Methods will be discussed that can be used to make decisions on whether defects are fit for service.

The seminar will review the various repair techniques, their advantages and shortcomings, and the logic to be followed in making repair decisions and selecting the applicable repair.

In addition, pressure testing will be studied, including an exercise based on an actual hydrostatic pressure test.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for:

  • engineers
  • maintenance technicians
  • inspectors responsible for the integrity
  • maintenance
  • repair of pipelines and piping systems.

The use of a calculator is required.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this seminar, participants will be able to: –

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on practical aspects, corporate policies, regulation and standard practices of pipeline integrity assessment
  • Analyze pipeline design, construction & maintenance vs. integrity and identify the threats to buried pipeline's integrity
  • Define time dependent defects theory and differentiate between various types and forms of corrosion on basis of internal and external
  • Develop integrity management program and list the integrity management strategies and internal inspection tools
  • Perform external surveys, pressure and leak testing and pipeline rehabilitation & repair techniques
  • Verify the integrity of an old pipeline and report quality control

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Date of Training

29 Oct 2018

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