Petroleum Fluids and Source Rocks in E&P

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22 Oct 2018


In petroleum geology, Source rocks are important as they are rocks from which Oil and gas have been generated or are capable of being generated. This makes them vital in a working petroleum system as subsurface source rock mapping method make it possible to identify likely zones of petroleum occurrences in sedimentary basins and shale gas. Quality of source rocks are determined by factors such as total organic carbon present in the source rocks, proportions of individual kerogens and prevalence of long-chain hydrocarbon.Thus, for oil and gas companies to maximise exploration and production projects they must be proficient in identifying and searching for source rocks.

Who Should Attend

  • Exploration geologist
  • Geochemist
  • Geophysics professionals such as geophysics researchers
  • All geoscientist involved in Exploration and production
    *some knowledge of Geology is needed
Key Learning Objectives
  • Easy evaluation of petroleum source rocks
  • Prediction of petroleum source rock presence and type
  • Analysis of petroleum fluids
  • Use of geochemistry in exploration and production
  • Prediction of petroleum fluids by basin modelling 

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Date of Training

22 Oct 2018

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