Petroleum Geology of the South and Central Atlantic

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22 Oct 2018


This advanced practical course teaches the essentials of play fairway common risk segment mapping a technique now routinely applied in the most successful oil companies to focus on opportunities most worthy of investment and most likely to deliver success. The early parts of the course focus on how to synthesize data on the key risks affecting exploration so that key observations and interpretations can be synthesized in the drawing of play fairway maps. The second, more practical, portion of the course includes exercises in drawing and integrating common risk segment maps, all based on a real frontier licence round situation and on ‘cheap' public domain data. This is then fed through to a licence round recommendation and to a yet-to-find analysis. Participants may use their own companies colour schemes for play fairway analysis or may adopt a scheme used by the presenter.

Who Should Attend

Geologists and geophysicists or exploration managers that are involved in the assessment of new exploration opportunities and new country entry. This is an advanced level course and a basic knowledge of petroleum geology and in particular of petroleum systems is required. It would be helpful, but not vital, if participants have attended ‘Advanced Basin Analysis', a course that immediately percedes this one.

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Geoscientists
  • Exploration Managers
  • Exploration & Development Department
Key Learning Points
  • Learn how to rapidly synthesize a regional database into a suite of ocloured ‘Common Risk Segment' maps to use these to identify the regions and blocks of highest potential in any basin
  • Learn how to save their companies millions of dollars in data acquisition costs by rapidly focusing on the most prospective parts of basins unsing public domain data
  • Learn how to deal with both risk and uncertainity and be able to cope with both good and poor datasets
  • Learn a methodology for rapidly screening acreage so as to respond to short term datelines such as license rounds.
  • Learn how to extend the play fairway analysis into a ‘yet to find' analysis assessing the remaining reserves in any basin

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Date of Training

22 Oct 2018

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