Gas & LNG Contracts, Pricing and Dispute Resolution

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17 Oct 2018

This 3-day Gas and LNG Contract, Pricing and Dispute Resolution Master class will provide delegates a strategic understanding and skills to draft Gas and LNG Contracts. Delegates will be equipped with the knowledge of the different types of agreements involved and its respective terms and clauses. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to learn how dispute is addressed in Gas and LNG commercial contracts. Delegates will also identify different approaches to prevent, manage and de-escalate disputes and its possible prevention techniques. This Master class does not only address the key clauses found in gas and LNG contracts but also allows delegates the opportunity to identify common mistakes to be avoided when drafting Gas and LNG contracts.


Why you should attend:

Gas and LNG Contracts generally take much longer to negotiate than pipeline gas contracts due to large amount money and risks involved and the term of the agreement that last between 20 – 25 years. While long-term LNG Contract have dominated the international market for LNG, the short-term contracts have grown substantially for the past years. Participate in this Master class to learn from our Expert Trainer, Dr. Ian Thomson who has over 40 years of experience in oil and gas market on how to negotiate, draft and manage both short-term and long-term Gas and LNG Contracts.


Key Learning Objectives:

Ø  IDENTIFY various Gas and LNG Agreements involved.

Ø  ESTABLISH the Gas and LNG pricing formula and structures.

Ø  MASTER the detailed construction of the LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement and its clauses.

Ø  ABILITY to negotiate of LNG Sales and Purchase Agreements in a multi-cultural environment.

Ø  UNDERSTAND the different approaches to prevent, avoid, control, manage and de-escalate disputes.

Ø  MINIMISE the risk involved in Gas and LNG Contracts.

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Date of Training

17 Oct 2018

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