Strategic Executive Course on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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06 Aug 2018


Training Date: August 6 -14, 2018           Location:  Houston

In everyday life, we negotiate personally and professionally. Governments, communities, labour unions, companies and businesses negotiate in various capacities. However, the basics of negotiations are the same.

Conflicts may arise or escalate when we fail to resolve the interests been pursued during negotiation process. In this regard we start working towards resolving the conflict so it won't get to the phases of mediation, arbitration or litigation.

The principles of effective negotiation and conflict resolution are very important in inter-governmental dealings, business and professional relationship and this is what this training will aim to teach participants.

Course Outline:

  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiation styles , characteristics and impact
  • Focus and winning
  • Focus and reacting
  • Collaborative style
  • Three steps to negotiation
  • Interest
  • Rights
  • Power
  • Phases of negotiation
  • The mind of a negotiator
  • Negotiation and emotional intelligence
  • Fundamentals of effective negotiation strategy
  • Developing active listening
  • Ethical issue in mediation
  • Leadership and negotiation skills
  • Definition of conflict
  • Conflict and crisis
  • Conflict resolution theory and practice
  • Communication skills for negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Mediation environment
  • Two kinds of mediation – Interest based , Evaluative
  • Mediation, understanding dispute resolution
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Using alternative and other dispute resolution tactics
  • Mitigating stress at the bargaining table
  • Culture and negotiation
  • Overcoming cultural barriers in negotiation
  • Understanding Negotiation Fatigue
  • Playing Negotiation games
  • Review
  • Film clips

Who will attend?

  • Lawyers
  • Public relations managers and officers
  • Business managers of spheres
  • Department and line managers
  • Communications Managers and personnel
  • Labour and union leaders
  • Professionals interested in honing skills on negotiation and conflict resolution



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Date of Training

06 Aug 2018


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