PetroEdge Course- Fundamentals of E & P Data Management & Physical Asset Management

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24 Sep 2018

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24 - 28 September 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In collaboration with CGG DMS, this separately bookable 5-days training course is designed to present the fundamental principles of efficient management of E & P Data and physical assets.  

Fundamentals of E & P Data Management will be covered in a 4 day course and Physical Asset Management will extensively be covered on the 5th day, as a 1 day course. 

Each module will address separate topics within E & P Data and physical asset management and also highlight the links between the various aspects that are considered.  The course is led by data management specialist who is also a qualified trainer and taught by modern training techniques, combining informative discussions and practical exercises.

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What will you learn by attending this course?
* The value of effective E & P Data Management and the sources and formats of E & P data
* To recognize the Lifecycle Stages of E & P Data starting with Data receipt
* Accurate cataloguing, recognition of significant metadata and compliance to standards
* Best practices for physical data handling and digital Data Management
* To appreciate key technology solutions for E & P Data Management
* Importance of Data Security and Data Quality
* How to create operational workflows and procedures, and business continuity
* Management data archives effectively, retention and destruction strategies
* Awareness of legislative data retention requirements 


Expert Course Director: Karen Blohm
Karen Blohm is currently the Diskos Programme Manager for CGG Data Management Services. Karen fulfils an operational leadership role with strategic and high-level data management consultancy assignments in National/Governmental Authorities and oil & gas companies.

Here are what some of our past participants have to say about this training: -
“Will definitely recommend this comprehensive Data Management course to others!”- Data Manager, National Data Repository
“Course contained valuable material to improve my understanding of data management” - E&P Applications Support, National Oil Company
“The training was very useful for my current job." - EP Data Loader, Brunei National Petroleum Company

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Fundamentals of E & P Data Management & Physical Asset Management – ALL Days
24 – 28 Sep 2018 | Kuala Lumpur

Team of 3, per participant

SGD 4,280

SGD 2,140

Per participant

SGD 6,420

Fundamentals of E&P Data Management                                               
24 – 27 Sep 2018 | Kuala Lumpur

SGD 3,796.67

SGD 1,898.33

SGD 5,695

Physical Asset Management
28 Sep 2018 | Singapore

SGD 1,133.33

SGD 566.67

SGD 1,700

To learn more about this training course, simply:
- reply to to obtain more information and registration details
- click to download the full brochure complete with registration details or visit 
- call +65 6741 9927 to speak with Mohamed 
- click here to send a Call Back Request
- Live chat is also available. Click HERE to chat with us about this course.

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This premier Oil & Gas training course is proudly brought to you by petroEDGE

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Date of Training

24 Sep 2018

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