Small scale LNG Operations

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25 Jun 2018

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25 – 26 June 2018 | Singapore

With the current low LNG prices, small-scale liquefied natural gas projects are emerging as bright spots, as large scale projects face project delays. Small Scale LNG is an innovative means of getting gas to stranded customers, and thereby making the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available to new markets that did not exist previously!

The Small Scale LNG concept is a cost effective solution for making natural gas available to energy users not currently connected to pipeline networks. The concept increases the market for natural gas by distributing LNG from either a LNG plant, LNG import terminal or directly from a LNG carrier using a combination of both sea and land based transport directly to the end.

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What will you learn by attending this training course: 
* Gain an overview of the entire LNG process chain
* Understand LNG cargo transfer operations from both ship management and terminal perspectives
* Understand the trade routing and cargo management options for LNG
* Consider and select the best options for LNG vessel types and containment systems
* Make accurate measurements and calculations of LNG custody transfer
* Examine the impact of various design codes and guidelines on LNG ship and shore transfer management
* Better manage LNG supply transportation contracts and shipping documents
* Examine LNG incidents and evaluate tanker safety, associated risks and requirements to better manage your LNG tanker operations
* Learn in detail about the LNG tanker business and operations


About your Expert Trainer: 
James Gardiner
James is an Independent Marine Engineering Surveyor and Forensic Marine Engineer. For the past 25 years James has been heavily engaged as an expert regarding; LNG Bunkering vessel and offshore platforms, STS - ports and harbour infrastructure, machinery failure investigation and safety; LNG propulsion and vessel component integrity and failure.

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Small scale LNG Operations
25 - 26 June 2018 | Singapore

Team of 3, per participant

SGD 2,729.33

SGD 1,364.67

Per participant

SGD 4,094

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Date of Training

25 Jun 2018

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