PetroEdge Course-LNG Markets, Pricing, Trading & Risk Management

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25 Jun 2018


petroEDGE presents, 5th run in Asia
25 – 27 June 2018 | Singapore

The LNG market is developing from a market based fully on long-term contracts, to a more flexible market based on a portfolio of contracts of different durations.  Increases in LNG demand, fuelled by South Korea and Japan and other emerging economies are creating a base for a more flexible market where the LNG Spot Market will be playing a key role.  

Changes in the LNG market can be identified in the following areas: development of terminals and plant sizes, increased integration throughout the supply chain, diversification of supply sources, increased contractual flexibility and increased geographical distance. This is creating the foundation for the development of the LNG spot market right here in Asia today.
This 3 day intensive intermediate level course will give you cutting-edge knowledge needed in today's complex LNG market. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the LNG market and spot trading aspects by attending this 3 day course.

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Here are your 6 reason on how you will benefit from attending this course:
* Leverage on the current and global drivers of the world Natural gas and LNG markets
* Understand regional LNG pricing effects and who the key buyers and sellers are
* Appreciate the trading structures of LNG and how to structure its risk management
* Understand the workings and future outlook of the Asian LNG Spot market
* Discover and exploit the arbitrage trading opportunities between the different markets
* Learn what LNG derivatives are and how it will become available for hedging and proprietary trading purposes


Expert Course Director: Kasper Walet
Kasper has 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge on a practical and theoretical level about all the aspects related to trading, derivatives and risk management in the commodity industry.

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LNG Markets, Pricing, Trading & Risk Management
25 – 27 June 2018 | Singapore

Team of 3, per participant

SGD 2,800

SGD 1,400

Per participant

SGD 4,200

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Date of Training

25 Jun 2018

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