Advanced Well Integrity Management

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28 May 2018

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28 May – 1 June 2018 | Brisbane, Australia

This intensive five-day course is designed to deepen your knowledge of well integrity management, and skills for designing, operating, and maintaining well equipment. The ultimate goal is to optimize productivity at the lowest Unit Operating Cost (UOC) and to maintain mechanical integrity throughout well life cycle.

Well Integrity management is looked at in three distinct stages. The first stage is during the well design which includes material selection, engineering design, cement design, coating and inhibitors and cathodic protection. The second stage is monitoring the well during the life of the well locating possible leaks and/or loss of metal. The last stage is to manage and control any well integrity issues using specialized products, services and techniques.

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9 Benefits of Attending this training program:
* Well barriers and their verification
* Define the building blocks of a successful well integrity management programme
* Define well integrity well categorization based on compliance to the barrier policy outlined in the regulations and develop an approach to risk management
* Discuss well-completion design and construction to create a “integer” well with lowest life cycle maintenance cost from a WIM prospective
* Monitoring and surveillance of well integrity (focus on cementing)
* Monitoring and surveillance of well integrity (focus on corrosion)
* Investigate and manage well integrity issues, causes & potential solutions
* Understand repairs to address “Loss of Well Operating Envelope
* Understand Well Suspension & Well Abandonment


Read what other participants have commented about this course:
"Excellent course with a lot of discussion and experience sharing. Well recommend.” - Petroleum Engineer, Carigali Hess.
"This course is a great eye-opener to industry practices, anyone responsible for well design, maintenance or operation would benefit from attending." - Production Technologist, QGC Pty Ltd
"Excellent course, and also extremely good follow up to well integrity management course." - Principal Well Engineer, Nauticant Energy Solutions

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Advanced Well Integrity Management

Team of 3, per participant

USD 4,129.30

USD 2,064.65

Per participant

USD 6,193.95

To learn more about the Advanced Well Integrity Management training course, simply:
- reply to to obtain more information and registration details
- click to download the full brochure complete with registration details to the respective location or visit 
- call +65 6741 9927 to speak with Mohamed
- click here to send a Call Back Request
- Live chat is also available. Click HERE to chat with us about this course.

I trust the information is comprehensive. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you require any assistance or clarifications. 

In the meantime, I will look forward to welcoming you to this course.

Best regards,
Mohamed K 
Programme Manager
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Date of Training

28 May 2018

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