Ageing Assets and Decommissioning: London

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17 Sep 2018

Course overview

This course allows delegates an invaluable insight into ageing assets, their structural deterioration and relevant mechanisms, addressing ageing assets practically – asset life extension, regulatory inspections programmes, what do we need to know about ageing assets? In addition, the requirements for the submission to regulatory bodies for the programming and planning of decommissioning and abandonment of oil and gas assets is also presented as well as the guiding codes and standards.

The course is designed for

  • Facilities engineers and managers
  • Operations engineers and managers
  • Pipelines engineers
  • Project and Engineering Managers
  • Plant / Facility Superintendents
  • HSE engineers and managers
  • Fire and Safety / Risk specialists

Course outline

What are assets ? What are ageing assets?

Asset functionality – production, processing and transport assets

Parameters influencing asset failure and consequences of failure – influence on Operator income, health and safety requirements and the environment

  • Introduction to deterioration mechanisms
  • Assessing structural integrity
  • The reliability factor

Overview of risk based asset management – risk management methods and processes – risk assessments – risk values – qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management

Ageing assets and obsolescence management

  • Ageing asset programming and planning
  • Extending the life of your assets – life extension planning
  • Obsolescence Management – dealing with OM

Regulatory programmes for ageing assets

Looking into the future – decommissioning and asset abandonment

  • Legislation
  • Decommissioning strategies and obligations
  • The scale of the challenges
  • Planning for decommissioning
  • IMO Guidelines for decommissioning
  • Treating and disposal of waste
  • Pipeline and structural decommissioning

Regulatory codes, standards and guidance documents

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Date of Training

17 Sep 2018

LondonDecommissioningAsset Management

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