Project Management in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

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07 May 2018

Course overview

The course provides an overview of the elements of project management involved in the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry required to take a project from an idea to full field development for both non-technical and technical staff. The principles of project management and the different stages of development and project execution will be considered.

The course is designed for

  • Professionals who work within the industry
  • Exploration teams
  • Development teams
  • Technical support staff
  • Students considering the industry as a career

Course outline


Project management
The oil and gas lifecycle
Project stages

Oil and Gas Industry

Overview of the industry

Project Management

What is a project
Project lifecycle
Project methodologies
Project levels of management
Project organisation structures
Project triangle

Project Risk

Risk and uncertainty
Risk management systems

Project Contracts

Standard contracts
Final investment decision (FID)
Engineering (EPC, EPIC)
Project management contractor(PMC)

Project Scheduling

Fast track

Uncertainty & Contingency

Subsurface uncertainty
Reserves uncertainty
Cost contingency

Project Cost

Cost development
Cost accuracy
Cost control
Operator's reserve

Project Case studies

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Date of Training

07 May 2018

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