In An Exclusive Opportunity With the University of Texas of the Permian Basin Ikon Science is to Provide Geoscientists Free Training on the Leading GeoPrediction Software, RokDoc

Houston, Texas, January 12, 2018 - Ikon Science has partnered with The University of Texas of the Permian Basin to provide Geoscientists free training on their RokDoc Software. UTPB is providing complimentary access to their computer lab from January 22nd - January 26th so that the training can take place. The one week training consists of a two-part course program that has a value of over $5,000 USD.

During part one, attendees will study the Rock Physics module of RokDoc intended for new and intermediate users who require an introduction to RokDoc and the rock physics theories behind the software. The class is guided through a typical RokDoc workflow, comprising data loading and QC, predicting missing data with calibrated rock physics models, blocky modelling, log-based rock physics analysis and 2D forward modelling.

Part two of the class covers Reservoir Characterization, including Rock Physics Model Templates and RokDoc 3D. Attendees are taken through a series of workflows illustrating the predictive power of rock physics models. They will model lithologies and fluids, manipulate seismic inversion volumes, create elastic and geological property volumes, and export them to SEG-Y.

Ikon Science remains consistent in providing resources to aspiring and fellow Geoscientists. Last year in USA alone, they donated $18M RokDoc software for the recommissioned research lab at the University of Alaska Anchorage and $2M RokDoc software to the UTPB Geology program. They also trained over 100 USA-based job-seeking geoscientists on RokDoc software in their ‘'Geo's Between Jobs'' training scheme.

A previous student of the upcoming class commented: "I highly recommend this course to any recent graduates, people between jobs, and experienced professional alike, I have learned a great deal from this class and found RokDoc to be a very sophisticated and exceptional software capable of solving a multitude of problems using Rock Physics." 

By providing free training in the industry's leading GeoPrediction software platform to Midland, Ikon Science hope to raise the profile of RokDoc to those working on plays in West Texas.  In the Fall of 2017, Ikon Science worked with Lev Vernik, a world expert in rock physics, who pioneered the research on seismic rock properties of organic shales at Stanford, to bring a series (17) of unconventional rock-physics-models (RPMs) into RokDoc.  Once geoscientists are familiar with the fundamentals of RokDoc, they can go on to study Seismic Petrophysics and Geomechanics of Unconventional Shales, in a 2-Day Course taught by Lev Vernik himself. The first one for the year is running in Houston, February 21st and 22nd, details can be found on the Ikon Science website.

 With regards to the upcoming complimentary classes at UTPB, any employed geoscientist, student or Geo Between Jobs can apply to join or find more information by visiting the Ikon Science website.

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