Asset Integrity Management in Oil & Gas Industries

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23 Jan 2017

Assets Integrity Management is nowadays one of the essential elements of operational excellence that many companies have embraced to maintain the competitive edge in their line of business.
Operator's ultimate goal is to perform as a world class company while ensuring facility integrity and protecting Health, Safety and the Environment. Asset Integrity Management aim to contribute to the successful achievement of the companies' vision and gives assurance to management and shareholders that the assets integrity is well maintained. 
The ultimate goal of this course is to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge of Integrity Management methodology and processes. The summery of the course objectives are:

How to maximize the economic value of the company by optimally design, maintain, operate and decommission assets to high and consistent standards using the AIM process.
Explain the different strategies required to ensure that the integrity and reliability of assets are effectively managed throughout the entire life cycle from design (Pre- FEED through decommissioning).
Understand the 10 reasons why Asset Integrity Management Fails.
Explore in details the basic Assets Integrity Management Modules (8 Modules).
Recognize the different control options and explains how good mitigation can reduce the risk exposure and be used as an effective tool to address the life extension requirements of ageing facilities.
Discuses major operator's advancement in AIMS realities and benchmark the assets integrity management practices with best in class operators.
Clarifies the organizational interfaces and roles and responsibilities of the relevant technical personnel engaged in the development and implementation of the AIMS.
Champion effective utilization of the organization accumulated wisdom and lesson learned.
Address different Inspection, Monitoring & Measurement techniques
Provides process to measure corporate achievement against identified Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
Understand how AIM are imbedded in the Projects and Operation phases “Design to abandonment”.
Strategic approach to achieve Asset Integrity Management excellence.

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Date of Training

23 Jan 2017

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