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Advanced Design including HP/HT and Deepwater Pipelines

Do you want to extend your knowledge? This course takes a problem-based approach, imparting decades of our experience of the more complex design issues affecting pipelines. Learning outcomes include: * Applying latest design codes * Investigating the causes of fatigue and how to calculate acceptabi ...

Jee Training

Aberdeen   Scotland   GB 15 May 2018

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Power Piping Perfectly Purged

Special new high temperature materials allow production problems to be solved. Thanks to the high temperature resistance of glass coated cloth, it is now possible to manufacture Weld Purging Systems to resist temperatures up to 760ÂșC. This is particularly valuable for welding pipework suitable for ...

Michaela Reay

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HPHT Planning and Well Control

About This Course In our pursuit to discover oil and gas in ever deeper horizons, wells are often drilled in what is known as a High Pressure High Temperature [HPHT] environment. To be considered a HPHT well, the downhole conditions will have pressures in excess of 10,000 psi [69 MPa] and 300 deg ...

Salina Matt

    MY 22 Nov 2017

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