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Exploration Geologist - Prospect Generator | NrgEdge Pte Ltd

Introduction Expatriate position based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Opportunities within our Eastern Area Exploration department and Red Sea Exploration department Develop prospects to create a direct impact on the future success of the world's largest Oil & Gas company Technical lead posi ...

Hui Shan

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Senior Process Control Technician - Refinery DCS maintenance | NrgEdge Pte Ltd

Introduction Expatriate, residential position based in Jazan, Saudi Arabia Maintenance of the refinery's DCS and associated instrumentation  Field based maintenance experience is essential Refinery experience is a strong preference, although will also consider petrochemicals and other heav ...

Hui Shan

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Oil Royalties in Post-Election Malaysia

Last Updated: August 1, 2018   136 views    Business Trends   Here is a brief background story of the growing debate about the allocation of oil royalties in select states in Malaysia.  The election that swept the former ruling coalition out of power in Malaysia three months ago was h ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Supply-side Shock Ahead in November?

  The US has just rebuffed high-level pleas from the European Union to grant exemptions to European companies operating in and with Iran, underlining America's hardline stance in implementing its renewed sanctions on Iran. The goal is, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, is to reduce ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Counting Down to Vienna

  Almost everyone seems to agree that US$80/b – at least in this current environment – is not conducive for the oil business. While oil producing countries are reaping benefits right now, they are also worried that prices sustaining at this level will cause demand destruction in key markets like ...

Easwaran Kanason

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OPEC, A Friend Indeed

  The magic number seems to be 1 million barrels. At least, that is what has been requested by the US to Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC producers in an unofficial appeal. After President Donald Trump publicly complained on Twitter that ‘OPEC is at it again!!!' when US crude prices surged to th ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Cost Controller

Key Responsibilities Responsible for project accounting and all project related finance matters; Assist and review project costing performed by business units; Review project schedule provided by business unit; Analyse and ensure proper project recognition method; Ensure project revenue and ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Refinery Site Inspection Specialist

Key Responsibilities Implement inspection strategy which targeting of fully meeting the given relevant KPIs (by the Company) for example: Mechanical Integrity, LTI, cost, etc. Co-operate with lead engineer to build, maintain and update RBI system and its data base for purpose of managing all i ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Polypropelene Area Manager

Key Responsibilities Responsible for overall supervision of day by day operations in Area PP. Achieve all KPI's nominated to Area PP department by Production Division in terms of OA, EII, MI,  etc… Contribute to achieve the targeted PP production with specified quality with respect to various ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Electrical Manager

Key Responsibilities Responsible for the Maintenance Management Work of the above-mentioned equipment and facilities in order to maintain the refinery in safety, stable and effective operation. Develop and finalize the maintenance plan, maintenance procedures and work steps and working method ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Crude Distillation Unit Area Manager

Key Responsibilities Responsible for overall supervision of day by day operations in Area-1 A&B. Achieve all KPI's set up to Area 1 A&B by Production Division. Contribute to the operation excellence via the continuous improvement of reliability and integrity, operational efficiency, performan ...

Easwaran Kanason

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NrgEdge - Your Weekly Update: 2 - 6 April

Headline crude prices for the week beginning 2 April 2017 – Brent: US$67/b; WTI: US$63/b After the Easter break, oil prices started the week on a weaker note as geopolitical development exacerbated operational concerns. Chatter in the market suggests that Saudi Arabia will be cutting the price f ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Geopolitical Eruptions in the Eastern Mediterranean

In the ancient world, the Fertile Crescent was a semicircle in the easternmost part of the Mediterranean that gave rise to some of the world's greatest civilisations, including the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Babylonians and Anatolian empires. In modern times, this stretch of water has been ...

Easwaran Kanason

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BP’s 2018 Energy Outlook – The Crunched Version

Every year, towards the end of February, BP releases its Energy Outlook. This sets out the firm's idea of how the world's energy demand and supply will evolve over the next 20 or so years. It isn't the only such report that a major firm puts out, but it is one of the most well regarded, particul ...

Easwaran Kanason

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Frenemies in the Timor Sea

East Timor and Australia are friends again. But a grudging friendship for mutual benefit that replaces the outright animosity that existed before. And like most fallouts, it revolved around money. In 1974, the collective Greater Sunrise fields were discovered in the Timor Gap, an area of the Timor ...

Easwaran Kanason

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