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Risk Management 2-Days Seminar

Project Risk Management Risk Assessment & Analysis Process, Technique and Industry Practice For those who can attend formal Training in Continental Europe in early part of Quarter 1 2020, we WellTest Nordisk & our partner Riskcore Ltd. are proposing 2 different training in Paris: -Ris ...

Ali Azi

Paris   IDF   FR 19 Mar 2020

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The Importance of Cost Control in Project Management

In fact, there is news every day about construction projects going over budget and time, yet this is avoidable with strong cost management. Cost control is the process of monitoring, tracking and controlling the actual cost of any construction project. The role of software in project management ...

Janno Soon

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6 Main Benefits of Online Contruction Project Management Software

6 Main Benefits of Online Construction Project Management Software The construction  industry  has a high demand for online construction project management software solutions. These innovative approaches are playing an important role for project managers who value their time and want to get thro ...

Janno Soon

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5 Common Reasons of Construction Project Failure

In our previous article, we highlighted the facts about construction project management, and from there were able to demonstrate that there is a high rate of failure within the industry. Project work goes ahead as planned and estimatedThere are some articles that point to a high failure in projec ...

Janno Soon

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MasterClass in Financial Management for Projects & Contracts

This MasterClass explores the financial metrics that are commonly used and also examines the less frequently thought of financial impact of typical operating decisions and actions. Building on your competencies, you will examine the inner mechanics of how finance and accounting can impact your proje ...

Noor Azura

Kuala Lumpur   Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur   MY 27 Feb 2017

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