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Your Weekly Update: 31 Jul - 4 Aug

Last week in World oil: Prices -       Oil prices remain stuck – at around US$52/b for Brent and US$50/b for WTI – as BP predicts that crude prices will stay in a range of US$45-55/b over 2018. Although signs are pointing to a slight slowdown, high output from the US is holding prices down, as ...

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European Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference 2017

European Fuels Markets and Refining Strategy Conference 2017 takes place on the 08-09 March 2017 in London, UK.  The meeting will bring together senior executives and experts from the refining industry, policy makers, consultants, technology innovators and leading market analysts to highlight the ...

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Threats and Opportunities for South East Asia’s Upstream Industry

South East Asia is one of the four birthplaces of the modern oil industry. In 1846 Russian engineers Semyenov and Alekseev drilled the first ever oil well in Baku, then part of the Russian Tsarist Empire but today Azerbaijan, which turned Central Asia into the first major producer of crude oil in ...

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The 3 Trends that Will Keep the Oil Price Below $60/B

According to economic theory, in a perfectly competitive market the price of a good will equal the marginal cost of production . The marginal cost of production is the cost of producing an extra unit of output. The theory states that if it costs $10 to produce an additional unit, while the selling ...

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The Trends That Will Be Driving the Oil Price in 2016 (and Beyond…)

The past 18 months have been especially tough for those in the business of forecasting the crude oil price. At the end 2013, when Brent closed at $112 per barrel and WTI at $100, the investment banks expected crude to continue to price around $100 per barrel during 2014 . In actuality, of course, ...

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Why oil will crash again in 2016

In 1950 the American mathematician and economist John Forbes Nash, Jr. earned his PhD with a dissertation that explained why markets can gravitate towards a sub-optimal equilibrium. What is now known as a Nash Equilibrium results when all economic actors know that a different strategy would be bet ...

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