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Application of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe in Various Industries

Stainless steel welded pipe, abbreviated as welded pipe, is a steel pipe that is usually welded after the steel or steel belt is rolled by the unit and the mold. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, less equipment investment ...

lvy lee - Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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CLAY MINERALOGY and its application to the oil industry

The three and a half day course is very much a practical hands-on course designed to make the information about clays as easily digestible as possible via a mix of lecture and practical sessions. The main elements in the course are as follows: • Clays and Clay Minerals: what are they and why ...

Helen Pendlowski - The James Hutton Institute

Aberdeen   Scotland   GB 29 Sep 2020

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Application of N80 Oil Casing Pipe

N80 oil casing pipe is an important equipment for oil drilling. Its main equipment also includes drill pipe, core pipe and casing, drill collar and steel pipe for small diameter drilling. The domestic casing is made of geological drilling steel by hot rolling or cold drawing. The steel number is r ...

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KELTON® launch innovative software application: UNCERTAINTYLIVE™

Kelton Engineering Ltd, a leading oil and gas flow measurement consultancy service and software provider, have recently launched a new innovative software application. The new application called UNCERTAINTYLIVE™.net ensures the uncertainty calculated is dynamically updated to match your process cond ...

Nicole Boys

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PetroSync - Acoustic and Flow Induced Vibration - 3 Days Course

About Course : Failures of piping systems in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries can lead to damage of assets, personal injury and loss of life. Piping failure can be caused by excessive vibration, in the form of high levels of acoustic energy (AIV), or by flow turbulence (FIV) created by sh ...

PetroSync Global Pte Ltd - PetroSync

    10 Apr 2017

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