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Don't hold your breath – looks like OPEC needs more time!

Well then – it looks as though OPEC, Russia and other major oil producers have agreed this week that they are going to hold their collective brush power for another nine months. The cynics among you will spot that these coordinated production cuts are aimed at repairing the massive supply glut that ...

Linus Booker - Chavenage Mining Consultants

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Should oil minors take heed of Renova’s moves on the LSE?

On a trip to London last week ( my first for a couple of months ), I took the opportunity to catch up with my favourite British newspapers. One story really caught my eye and prompted me to do a little research of my own. An old-fashioned boardroom row has broken out in London over a Russian comp ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Why a tightening US natural gas system could put the squeeze on LNG

Europe is banking on cheap US LNG exports competing with Russian pipeline natural gas to keep prices low and global supplies plentiful. But the US natural gas system is not as comfortable as you might think. The US produced less gas in 2016 than in 2015, the first time since 2005 that gas output ...

OilVoice Press

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Rosneft and LUKoil launch drilling in the Arctic

Russian oil rivals Rosneft and LUKoil are preparing to launch drilling work within days at the northern tip of the Taimyr Peninsula. Recent years have seen Russia's two largest oil producers jostle for supremacy in the underexplored region, known for its extreme weather and lack of infrastructure. ...

NewsBase Staff - NewsBase

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The Caspian Sea Region; Where Politics and Energy Collide

NB Intelligence has released a new CaspianOil Special Report 2017, focusing on risk and issues associated with existing and prospective fields in the region. The Report focusses on the wider Caspian Basin, which includes both onshore and offshore fields in the five countries that share it – Azerbai ...

Sarah Price

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Russia’s transparency hopes dashed with opaque deal: Fuel for Thought

When Russian authorities first announced they would privatize some major state-run assets several years ago, they cited improving the investment climate by increasing transparency and efficiencies among its main goals, but the deal to privatize Rosneft is unlikely to help meet them. In fact the ...

OilVoice Press

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Recent Russian oil production data confirms delayed compliance from minor producers

Russian oil output averaged 11.11 million bbl/d in February 2017, representing no further output reductions relative to the January 2017 level. Since the early December 2016, the Russian government has been reassuring the industry that the country will reach the production cut target of 300 kbbl/d ...

Julia Weiss

Posted 3 months agoOpinion > Rystad EnergyRussiaCompliance

Tillerson to face further Russia scrutiny this week

Note: Article originally written by Paul Harris, Glacier Media, and posted with permission. Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson's track record in Russia will come under further scrutiny this week. Tillerson, who is Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, will begin confirmation hearings w ...

Mark Young

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Russia resurgent: Oil sees a turnaround in 2016

The year started poorly for Russia, but it has certainly ended well. In January, the price of oil was moldering — below $30/b on occasion. Given Russia's dependence on oil and gas revenue, the budgetary outlook was bleak. Hillary Clinton was going to be elected as the next president of the United S ...

OilVoice Press

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Volga Gas provide drilling update on Uzen #4 sidetrack

Volga Gas plc, the oil and gas exploration and production group operating in the Volga Region of Russia, announces the following update on its drilling activities on a sidetrack to the Uzen #4 oil well.  Volga Gas has been drilling a sidetrack to its Uzen #4 oil well with the intention of accessing ...

OilVoice Press

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The effectiveness and future of Western sanctions on Russia: Fuel for Thought

Western sanctions against Moscow have hurt the Russian economy and restricted some energy projects, but they have failed their main objective of persuading President Vladimir Putin to change his policy in Ukraine. It will continue to have a limited impact unless they are made tougher, the Atlantic C ...

OilVoice Press

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Glencore announces negotiations to acquire stake in Rosneft

Glencore notes the announcement released by the Russian government regarding the privatization of shares in Rosneft. Glencore confirms that it is in final-stage negotiations regarding a transaction involving the acquisition, as part of a consortium with the Qatar Investment Authority (the Consortiu ...

Katie Woodward - OilVoice

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Exillon Energy announces November 2016 production figures

6 December 2016 - Exillon Energy plc ("Exillon Energy", the "Company" or the "Group") (EXI.LN),a London Premium listed oil producer with assets in two oil-rich regions of Russia, Timan-Pechora ("Exillon TP") and West Siberia ("Exillon WS"), is pleased to announce unaudited production data for the mo ...

Katie Woodward - OilVoice

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Volga Gas: Production Report for November 2016

Volga Gas plc, the oil and gas exploration and production group operating in the Volga Region of Russia, is pleased to its average production volumes for November 2016 and for the year to date. During November 2016, gas processing capacity was temporarily reduced while undertaking the testing of ne ...

Katie Woodward - OilVoice

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Oil prices continue rise as OPEC, Russia agree to cut production

Oil prices have continued their rise after oil producers cartel OPEC and Russia agreed to cut production at a meeting in Vienna yesterday. US stocks have rallied to record highs following the election of Donald Trump as the next US president on optimism about his plans for more infrastructure spe ...

Adam Marmaras - OilVoice

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