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Should oil minors take heed of Renova’s moves on the LSE?

On a trip to London last week ( my first for a couple of months ), I took the opportunity to catch up with my favourite British newspapers. One story really caught my eye and prompted me to do a little research of my own. An old-fashioned boardroom row has broken out in London over a Russian comp ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Cautious progress in Libya’s oil output

Rising Libyan oil production is primarily the result of the military success of General Khalifa Haftar, whose so-called Libyan National Army forces are wresting unitary control of the oil supply chain from a patchwork of local militias. These advances have forced the UN-backed Government of Nation ...

OilVoice Press

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Why Oil Prices Change and How to Monitor Them

Like just about any other commodity, the price of oil changes quite often, usually by the minute or even by the second. There are so many reasons why they happen, but what are they? From environmental factors to issues concerning trade balances and government stability, there are several causes to l ...

Zak Goldberg

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Start of the fightback or same old story from oil majors in Nigeria?  

It's been a purple patch for Nigeria's indigenous oil sector of late. After playing second fiddle to the international oil companies for the best part of the sector's history in Nigeria, homegrown talent has been rampant. If ever there was a time for the IOCs to worry for their future in the country ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Theodore Roosevelt: Industry Standard-bearer

For decades, it has been popular for politicians and the media to portray the energy sector as a begrimed example of what needs to change in America. All the while, the industry continues to provide low-cost energy and well-paying jobs at times when the country needs both. Faced with a public and ...

Doug Sheridan - EnergyPoint Research

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Oil & Money 2017

Oil & Money, the energy industry's premier conference, is co-hosted by the New York Times and Energy Intelligence Since its inauguration in 1980, the Oil & Money Conference annually gathers the most significant senior executives from the petroleum and natural gas industry across the globe and conti ...

Kevin Kear

London   England   GB 17 Oct 2017

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Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity

In his first book, Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity, co-written with João Marques, Mr. Ayuk confronts the widely communicated view that African nations with oil and gas resources inevitably suffer from the effects of the ‘resource curse'. Through a detailed analysis o ...

Aydanur Akkurt - Africa Oil & Power

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PIB delay latest: Buhari falls at first hurdle

Oh what a surprise. Not.   The most important piece of legislation proposed for the reformation of the single most lucrative and needy sector in Nigeria has fallen at the first hurdle. After positive noises have been heard from government sources over the past 4 months, many actually believed ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Clock ticking on Nigerian oil reform

After a 10-year wait, Nigeria and much of the oil sector globally wait this week in shared anticipation for the passing of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB). With just a few days left until the self-imposed deadline announced by the Senate for introducing the PIB, are we at last on the verge of a re ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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Health and safety considerations for offshore oil and gas operations

Health and safety considerations for offshore oil and gas operations Like with any place of work, anyone working on offshore oil and gas operations has a right to be able to work where any risk to their health and safety is properly controlled. The responsibilities for reducing this risk in such ...

Ryan Burnyeat

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An excellent line-up of speakers and subjects for the 16th Africa Independents Forum

ITE Group plc, organiser of the Africa Independents Forum , announced that it has finalised the programme and confirmed the speakers for the 16th edition of the forum, which will take place on 24th and 25th May in London.    As one of the foremost events on the international Oil and Gas calendar, ...

Jodee Lourensz

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Nigeria Report: Native firms bear the risk of unusable pipeline

Nigeria's crucial Forcados pipeline remains offline following attacks in early January, forcing indigenous Nigerian firms to transport crude using an increasingly expensive and dangerous means: over water. Forcados, which is majority owned by Royal Dutch Shell, remains offline following militant at ...

Bayo Okoya - Delta Analytics Lagos

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Dominican Republic will receive offers for 2d offshore multi-client seismic campaign

In the coming weeks the  Dominican Republic will open a bidding process with the purpose of receiving proposals from interested parties in conducting an offshore high-resolution Multi-Client 2D seismic survey in the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of the country. It should be not ...

laura barros

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Aiteo Group and Seplat lead indigenous Nigerian groundswell

A great change is occurring in at the grassroots of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. For most of our country's history as a petro-state, the International Oil Companies have called the shots, dominating the exploration and production of oil products. But now, indigenous companies are beginning to ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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What football tells us about Nigeria’s supply concerns

So the latest news from the bigwigs at OPEC is that Nigeria's crude oil production has fallen from 2 million barrels per day to around 1.27 million. This sounds like bad news, anyone can see. And one would be foolish to suggest that a 37.5% decrease in crude production is a welcome shift for our oil ...

Derby Omokoh - Upstream Consulting Company Lagos

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