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How to Carry Out Quality Inspection of Spiral Steel Pipe

Due to its superior performance, spiral steel pipes are now widely used in power industry, agricultural irrigation, tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, urban construction, etc., in order to avoid the circulation of unqualified products in the market, causing many inco ...

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The Difference Between Spiral Steel Pipe and Straight Seam Steel Pipe

In recent years, there has been a large supply of spiral steel tubes in the market. Everyone knows the main uses and performance of spiral steel tubes, but most people still don't know the difference in performance between spiral steel tubes and straight seam steel tubes. Spiral steel pipe and strai ...

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Technical Requirements for Heat Preservation of Spiral Steel Pipes

After the heat insulation treatment of spiral steel pipes( SSAW steel pipe ), people are accustomed to call them heat insulation steel pipes.The insulation layer of heat insulation steel pipes is filled with rigid polyurethane foam. The quality requirements for the insulation layer of spiral steel p ...

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