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The Method of Measuring the Length of Straight Seam Steel Pipe and Installation Precautions

According to the different process requirements of the manufacturer, there are many methods for the length measurement system of straight seam steel pipes , mainly the following types: 1. Length measurement with grating ruler The basic principle is to install two fixed-length grating rulers on the ...

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The Difference Between Spiral Steel Pipe and Straight Seam Steel Pipe

In recent years, there has been a large supply of spiral steel tubes in the market. Everyone knows the main uses and performance of spiral steel tubes, but most people still don't know the difference in performance between spiral steel tubes and straight seam steel tubes. Spiral steel pipe and strai ...

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Method for Removing Rust from Straight Seam Steel Pipe

In the anti-corrosion construction process of oil and gas pipelines, the external treatment of straight seam steel pipe is one of the key factors determining the service life of pipeline anti-corrosion. It is the condition for the solid combination of anti-corrosion layer and straight seam steel pip ...

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