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How To Check The Damage Without Damaging The Stainless Steel Oil Gas Pipes

There is a method of inspection called nondestructive testing for stainless steel pipes , so what is nondestructive testing, and what types of nondestructive testing are included? Ultrasonic testing (UT) is performed using sound waves. The sound moves linearly in the metal, and the sound wa ...

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Does Stainless Steel Pipe Better than Pvc Pipe in Decoration

Why Do Western Prefer To Use Stainless Steel Pipe In Decoration, Chinese People Choose Pvc Pipe? Everyone knows that the way of thinking and living habits between China and Western countries are very different. Today we will talk about the differences in the use of decoration materials. Why do for ...

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Do You Know The Three Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Duplex Pipe?

Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Duplex Pipes Stainless steel pipes such as duplex pipe can be found everywhere in our daily use. I believe many friends are asking why there are so many stainless steel pipe products in our life. Therefore, the following three characteristics of stainless steel p ...

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